Friday, 3 January 2014

4 Points of SAGA Vikings Painted and Based.

Hi All,

First off I hope you all had a good Christmas and your New Year so far is a success. Well I have finally finished my Vikings for the SAGA campaign I will take part in, well 4 points worth any way. I still have another 2 points to paint, and a special Warlord for the big games battles we will do.

The models are from Gripping Beasts, and even though there is not a lot of detail on them once painted they look really good, and to be honest they don't need a lot of detail. The only model I felt that needed more detail is the Warlord but that's just my opinion. The models that have the shield's molded onto them do have terrible flash that has to be cleaned away first, but apart from that they are very clean cast models.

I tried to keep the colors quite dull and plain but also give the models some individuality, which I feel I achieved quite well. All in all I think they look really good and I am very pleased with how they turned out. The shields have had transfers placed on them, which was not as fiddly as you think it would be. These transfers are also from Gripping Beast and uses a very interesting method of placement. First the area you are applying the transfer needs to be painted white and left to dry. Cut out the transfer and peel of a plastic protective cover which reveals a sticky side of the transfer. This is then placed on the shield sticky side down, the transfer paper is then moistened with water and a brush and transfer pushed into desired place. The paper is then removed revealing the transfer as you see in the pictures.

I like to see what you think, and I hope you enjoy the pics.