Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some More Pictures

Hi All,

I have had to use my phone because when I went to use the digital camera for the first time in months, I found it did not want to switch on. It would not take a charge or anything so I think its kaput, and the store we got it from with the extra protection went bust some time ago, so all policy's taken out with them became null and void.

The first lot of pictures are of the Swedish infantry again but a little closer so you can see them better, but also on movement trays. I got fed up trying to move the block as a whole and having the pikes stick in my fingers and hands, because I can tell you they are sharp and hurt lots. So I purchased a load of movement trays from who do all theirs in different sizes and in resin. also the sides are roughed up so you can paint them straight away and not using the Citadel Rough Paint. I added some static grass and grass clumps, and if I might say so myself i think they look pretty good and bring the whole unit together.

The next load of pictures is for a model I painted for a painted for a competition but entered something else instead. This mini comes from Empress Miniatures and is used in their Zulu range and is of Lt Chard from Rorke's Drift. This model can be used in a game from Warlord Games known as Black Powder which covers the Napoleonic Wars and early Victorian era. I really enjoyed painting the model and was surprised how quickly I painted it. I added a pith helmet which could be Chard's and an ammo crate behind him.

For now that's all but I will do another post showing the Vikings I have been painting for SAGA. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think.  

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