Saturday, 21 December 2013

Has it been that long?

Hi all,

I did not realise that it has been 8 months since my last post. So what have I been up to I hear you all ask. Well quite a bit really, I have been really busy with work which has gained me a promotion. Going to Canada for 6 weeks, course work, and various other things. I have also been busy with hobby work as well, but not my usual stuff. More on that in a minute.

First one of the reasons I kinda stopped blogging was I wanted to keep my Blog purely for 40k stuff and my Praetorians. But I have at the moment gone off GW but also my local Wargaming club does not really play 40k on a regular basis, so I started getting involved in different gaming systems such as Historical, and other Sci Fi games.

The main reason for going off GW is the sheer pace it is releasing new rules and miniatures, and the cost which I feel is spiralling out of control. Also the customer service which I feel has drastically declined this last year. Point in case the announcement that Warhammer World is no longer going to hold inter store competitions because it is not in the best interest of the company. But also how large stores that used to hold gaming nights and so on are now being closed for small one man stores, which is not big enough for gaming tables but is just there to sell. also how some large stores are now operating at reduced hours, and are more interested in selling rather entertaining and supporting the customer. I just feel that GW is going in a direction I do not like, but I will still carry on painting and building my Praetorian Army and at some point start playing again when I am ready and have a passion for it again. Rant over on that part.

So what have I been doing? I have been helping a member of my club who writes expansion rules sets for Warlord Games and a few of the other members in a Thirty Years War campaign which has been highly entertaining and all in all good fun. I have only had spend a few pounds on tokens and basing materials, as all the core rules and models have been supplied for free the only constraint being I have to build and paint the models, also make them available when we are ready to fight the next part of the campaign. I can't complain as I have got a full Army for no cost at all.

I have also started collecting and building two WW2 armies for a rule set called Battlegroup. They are in partnership with Plastic Soldier Company which do miniatures in 20mm or 28mm. I have gone for 20mm as I like the scale and there is a lot of companies that do good quality 20mm models. I have played a few games now and it is really a very good set of rules that makes you think about what your mission is and how you are going to achieve it. I have gone for WW2 as I enjoy that time in history and have always wanted to play games in this era.

I have also started collecting a Viking and Anglo Saxon army for SAGA which again is for a expansion set of rules, and again the core rules, tokens, dice, and models have been supplied for free, I just have to paint them. I have only played two games but have really enjoyed both games, and I'm really surprised at how simple the games is to play. I can also use the the same models for another game set in the same period.

Well that's all for now I will put some pictures up of what I have painted so that you can see what I have done. So this will be the theme for a little bit, more historical and steam punk rather than Praetorians. So I hope you will all still follow my Blog and still leave your comments.

I found these pictures of some stuff I have already painted for the Thirty Years Wars campaign. The first three pictures is of the main character for the Swedish Army known as Gustavus. The model is form Warlord Games and was painted for a friend of mine as he said my painting is better than his. The guy on the floor and fence is an addition by myself to give the model a bit more character. Fun model to paint and I'm really happy with how the horse turned out as I'm not very good at painting them.

The next two pictures is of one of the Swedish infantry blocks. The first picture is the pike block, and the second picture is one of the sleeves of musket men. I have not got round to painting the second sleeve yet, but when I do I will show you all a the work in progress pictures. These are known as the yellow regiment which will be followed by a second regiment, I will also have a Blue, Green, and Grey regiment. Again I'm really happy with how they turned out as I have never done block infantry before. I'm sorry that the pictures are not very good I will take some better ones once I have got the camera up and running again.



  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere ! Now you've been promoted you should be Commissar General Dave.

  2. Whoohoo, the Commissar is back. (I never thought a Colonel would say that).
    I think that it is great that you are mixing things up a bit with some other game systems. It is a really healthy thing to do for your hobby.
    The Gustavus mini is really well done! What a well painted horse! I like the detail on the saddle and reins, and the mini has some nice shading too. Your other blocks of men are just as well done too. The bases look amazing. Nice work Dave.
    Congrats on the promotion and again, welcome back!