Friday, 12 April 2013

I'm Sorry Its Been So Long.


First off I must say sorry for not doing any post's for so long, I had not realised its been over 3 months. I have been really busy with course work, and other hobby adventures which I will explain below.

First off my new Hobby adventures. I have made a gradual move into the more historical side of gaming, this has mainly been down to the fact that my local gaming club have not been playing any 40k. So I have tried my hand at other games, mainly WW2, Vietnam, Napoleonic, and some Roman stuff. I spent a few weeks playing and testing new rules for a campaign for Hail Cesar which is by Warlord games, and really enjoyed it. So much that I have volunteered myself to take part in a 30 Years Wars campaign and to paint up some miniatures, which I get for free.

I have also started to collect 20mm German and Russian WW2 miniatures for a set of rules called Battlegroup Kursk, and at Salute next week will be picking up the Battlegroup Normandy rules so that I can start a British/American force. I did also help out a friend by painting a 28mm Anti Tank gun and crew for his  participation game, for the clubs annual wargaming show. Also I have joined the club's committee so that has taken up quite a bit of time as well.

Well all this change dose not mean I will be stopping my Praetorian Army or selling it, as I have not got the heart to get rid off it, plus I still have loads to paint for it. I just want a little break as I have been painting this army non stop for the last 6 to 7 years. But what I would like to know from you guy's is would you be interested in seeing what I am painting on this blog, or start a new one? I will still be painting models for my Praetorian Army but not at the rate I used to.

I have also found that I have in some way fallen out of love with GW, I just feel that they are not going in the right direction for me. What do I mean by this? Well they started off well with the release of 6th edition and some of the much needed change in the rules, and the adding of new rules to make the game more interesting. They then bring out the first of the new codex's which are hardback which I approve off and loads of new miniatures for the army's. Oh and the re-worked White Dwarf which I approve of as it was needed a long time ago. Then this is were I feel GW have gone wrong for me. They bring out the new Dark Angels with poses for some models going back to what they were producing in the late 80's early 90's, the star shaped pose as I call it. The flyer's really annoyed me, they took the little gunship and added wings, and some extra bits for a shrine which just make it look stupid. Then they go and do the same to the Land Speeder so that they can fit a shrine to it. I have not looked at the prices but it would not surprise me if GW are charging a little extra as well.

I feel so sorry for the Tau players who have waited so long for a new Codex. They bring out the new hardback book, great. But next to know new miniatures, a flyer and a new Battlesuit and some drones from what I can see. With all the advancements GW has made in plastic mouldings and Finecast I just feel that GW could have done a lot more.

Well that's all for now, please let me know what you think as I don't just want to let my blog die and loose contact with all the great people I have met along the way.