Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year, New Me

First off I'm sorry I have not done any post's since the beginning of December but that is down to two thing's. First off I had to sort out the picture space and sort out the posts that had the pictures deleted, which is now done hopefully. The second is I have been really ill all over Christmas, to the point I have not got much painting done at all. Which has really annoyed me as I have had 5 weeks of work, and out of that I have only managed a week of painting.

Well in November I went up to Warhammer World and took part in their campaign weekend along with Col Winterbourne. I really enjoyed the weekend despite only winning one game, but at least I now know were my shortfall's are plus I need to sort out my poor dice throws. The Thunderbolt did great to the point it was the model that was keeping me in games by doing some damage. I would liked it to go up against another flyer to see how it does but overall it is a great model to have in any game. The other great thing that happened was myself and the good Col teamed up for the doubles but we also displayed our armies together  to see what they looked like. I must admit it brought a tear to my eye as the interest by other gamers and staff was awesome but the fact that there was around 6000 points of praetorian stiff upper lip goodness.

I painted and took a physker to the weekend, which did all right. I was surprised when people told me it was a really nicely painted model, when I feel it is not my best paint job.

Lastly I have been working on 3 Hellhounds at once, which I have quite enjoyed painting. Especially the new type as there is loads of scope for weathering, and it has helped with the new Forge World Painting Guide 2 I got for Christmas. It's not as good as the first I feel but there are some really cool new techniques I want to try. The Hellhounds have been painted the same as the rest of my vehicles and weathered in the same way as normal. So far they look really good and I can't wait to get them finished so I can move pack onto my other projects I started earlier.

Well that's it for now I will keep you updated on progress as normal. I will warn you now that painting might be a bit sparse this year as I start a new course in Logistics which will take up a bit of my time. As always your comments are appreciated.

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  1. Sorry to here that you have been crook mate! I hope you're over it all now. I really enjoyed see the pics of your force at WH world. It really was stunning to see the forces laid out and great battle shots too!
    The hellhounds are looking sweet, as I would expect them too. You are really nailing that rough battle worn look!
    Nice to see an update Dave, and I look forward to seeing more - even if it is very sparse as you said. Good luck on the course too, so does this come with a nice promotion too??