Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Warhammer World Apokalypse 21-22 Jan 2012.

I apologise for the lateness of this post as I did say I would do it on Monday, but I have been busy uploading pictures sending e-mails and so on. For some of you you might have seen them on the Whats New Today Flicr page on the GW page, if not get yourself over there and have a look. To that end at the moment I am not going to put any pictures up on this post as I took over 100 pictures. Once I have filtered down some what I will do another post showing some of them off.

We all arrived at Warhammer World on Friday night and with the hour we had remaining we set up. We also added up the amount of point's we had in total, which we worked out to be 209,000 points. I can't remember who had what but I do know there was a 20,000 point Necron Army, consisting of 6 Pylons and 9 Monoliths. There was a Chaos daemon army at around 15,000 points with all four Forgeworld greater Daemons, Warlord Titan, Reaver Titan, Tower of Skull, Brass Scorpion, Tower of Szintch, and a Plague Tower. There was also an Imperial Guard Army of 20,000 point's plus with loads of super heavy's, and one tank short of a full tank company. There was also a 15,000 point eldar army that had two Eldar Phantoms, two Revanant Titan's, and a bunch of flyer's and super heavy's. My own army was one of the smallest coming in a just over 3,500 points.

We started on day one at around 9am with the Imperial side going first, and I can't tell you what happened because so much was happening it was hard to keep up. Plus I was busy trying to blow thing's up myself. All I know is that it was taking about 2 hours a turn and after the forces of evil had had there turn, it worked out that about 20,000 point's worth of model's had been destroyed. By the end of the day we had played 2 1/2 turns with around 50,000 point's being destroyed.

Day two started at around the same time with the evil side finishing there turn. The day was pretty much centared around a bridge and using all the normal stuff in games as pretty much all the Super Heavy's and Titan's were destroyed on the first day. It all ended with the Imperial side winning with 135 victory point's to 98. We added up what was left and it worked out that there was only around 30,000 points being left. I was happy because I survied with around 3,000 points still on the board, having destroyed around that over two day's. So I guess I will have to do some background story now.

Anyway I will put a couple of picture's up now eve though I said I would not. But please head over to the GW site and have a look. As alway's your comments are appreciated.

The photo's above are before the deployment and yes that is a £300 Titan as a wreck, and yes they are Drop Pod's stuck to the table.

This is with everything set up on the Friday night and as you can see it is quite an impressive sight. As you can also see I was given the job of defending the city.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sorry guy's I have failed in my mission, which was to get two Sentinel's finished ready for tomorrow. This has been because for the last couple of day's I have been really tired and feeling off, which has led to me not wanting to paint. But after a good night sleep last night and plenty of fluid I feel alot better and ready for tomorrow.

To that end the only painting I will be doing tonight is a little touching up and repair work on some model's that need it. E.g. the ones I play with the most. I have already packed most of my model's last night I have a few more to pack tonight, and enough clothes to last me a couple of day's. Then it will be another early night, more fluids, then tomorrow lunch time I am off to Warhammer World.

I am taking the camera, and I will make sure to take load's of picture's. So when I am back Monday I will try and do a battle report for you all. Till then have fun and tune in on Monday.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sentinel Update

As I said yesterday I am trying to get two Sentinel's completed by Friday ready for the weekend. So after work today I sat down and did the interior on the command sentinel. I decided early on because I want the outside all white, it would look strange having a red interior. So I turned to my Forgeworld master class book and tried something new.

Needless to say it did not quite turn out how I wanted, so a little work is required because I want to use this on my scout vehicle next year. It was quite hard because first off I did not use a black base coat, plus I do not have any Satin Varnish. What this does I am not quite sure, so if anybody can shed any light on this then that would be great.

But anyway here are the pic's of what I wanted to do and what turned out. Sorry if it not a great photo as the crew compartment is a little cramp. Also I have taken a picture of the crewman that I have converted, he will have the controls glued in place once painted. Till tomorrow enjoy.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

Now that I have finished the four metal Servitor's and put the tank one on hold for now, I thought i would move onto something else that I thought I would be able to get done in a week. So I have set myself a challenge and try and get done two Sentinels for my big event at Warhammer World.

I already have a Sentinel that I painted about three years ago now, so I have decided to make them into a squadron. The Sentinel's I have are the Cadian variants as i feel you get more value for your point's, plus you can take heavier weapons than the scout ones. I know I loose the outflanking rule but I rather have the fire power.

I have finished the first set of leg's and chassis, which was done in my normal way with the weathering and oil stains. I will start on the main body tomorrow after work and because it will be the lead sentinel it will have a white crew compartment, just like all my command vehicles. I have some spare Praetorian gunner torso's that I will use as this will help with the style of my army.

That's it for now and I will leave you with some pic's of what I have done so far.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Four Servitors Completed & Based

Sorry I have been a little quite these last few day's, but I had to go on a last minute dot com Army exercise. Well I have spent a few hours today finishing the weapons and pack's they carry on the last two servitors, I also went a little lighter on the weathering around the boots.

I decided to switch fire from my normal way of painting the weapons which I normally do in Dark Angel's Green, to a bronze effect like some of the metal parts on the body. I quite like the effect that makes them stand out and look a little different from the rest of the Army, but not to much as to still the lime light. They also blend in well with the Techpriest and helps compliment him. But I will let you guy's decide.

I have decided not to enter them into Golden Daemon as the painting quality is not as good as I wanted, but I also after putting the models together they are not that well designed by GW. If you look at the weapon guy's you will see a massive block that goes into the side of the body, which does not look right. It just looks if GW forgot about this area and did not really know how design it better, but these model's are a good 10 years plus old now. If they re-do the design they would be a lot better an more natural looking.

As for the tank servitor, well he is going to take a little longer as there is quite a bit of detail on him. But also I want to go quite heavy in the weathering department and it does take time, well for me it does.

Col Ackland thanks for your comment and I would love to hear who you went with in the end for a new army case. I saw your comment as I was travelling down to were I did my exercise. I will put the link on my Blog as well, I can't wait believe I have not done it yet.

That's it for now guy's and I leave you with the picture's. Plus stayed tune for a very special post in a couple of week's when I get back from Warhammer World.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Say Hello To My New Christmas Present

In the post today I received my late Christmas Present, and really it was the only thing I wanted all year. I had been thinking about it for some time and what would be the best way to carry round my ever growing army. Well KR Multicase gave me the answer, it is there metal transport case that fit's 4 of the single box's.

I went with KR as I already have one of the pack packs that fit 2 of the single box's and is fantastic. I know I said a long time ago that I would do a post about it, but I forgot and moved onto bigger and better thing's.

So what do you get for £195. Well you get to choose 4 single box's with your own filling's, in my case I went for the ones that will hold alot of tank's, troop's, and special weapons. I do have another 4 box's that hold my new Valkyrie and my Tank's that I have completed. So I can swap and change what I carry inside it, plus I will have my pack pack, and the GW case, so when it come's to the Apocalypse games I will be able to transport a huge amount if not all my Army.

The case is of a good quality build which I should think so at the price, and even has a lock which I think is quite nice. The inside is lined with like a foam type material that stops the cases moving inside, it also comes with a tray to put your troop's on. which I was not expecting as nothing was mentioned in the description, but hey I'm not complaining. There are two clasp's on the top and side to help it stay neatly closed and tight, as well as having an extendable handle and wheel's so that it can be dragged. It also has a carry handle so that it can be moved up stair's easily.

Well there you have it a description of what I got and what you get for your money, this is one company I would recommend if you are looking for a new case. I will also try and get some more done on my Servitor's tonight, sorry I did not let you guy's know yesterday but I was in a bad way and not feeling to good. But anyway here are the pic's of my new case.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two Servitors Complete

So with me feeling like crap and having some sort of Flu type bug, I have managed to complete two Servitors. The two I have completed are the ones without weapons, and they were painted the same as the rest of the model.

I decided also to do some weathering on and around the boot's, but I feel I went a bit OTT but I am hoping this will calm down when I put some purity seal on. I will base them when the others are complete, but I don't think I will get the one on tracks done before I go to Warhammer World in a couple of weeks. This is due to work and it being a very busy month for me.

That's it for now I am hoping I can finish or be a close to finishing them tomorrow, but for now here are the pic's.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Valkyrie is Finished

It's done and can be used in games now. All that is left to finish it off is deciding what weapons I want it to have e.g Hellstrike or Missile Pod's, and do the base. I have not enjoyed working on this for some reason hence the reason why it has dragged on a bit, but I am glad it is at an end and I can go back to working on the Servitor's again.

So I will leave you with the pic's of the finished Valkyrie and your comment's as always are appreciated. My next post will be on Sunday as I am away on course till Friday. So I won't be able to get any hobby done till at least Friday night, but till then have fun.