Monday, 12 November 2012

Stop The Progress

Hi everyone,

Work on my Elite Guard ((Storm Troopers) will have to stop for the time. The reason for this is not due to normal life, but rather down to the fact that I am heading to Warhammer World in a fortnight for a campaign weekend.

First off this is the first kind of competition I have entered done by GW and I am looking forward to it. Will I come away with any prize's? I doubt it, as I enjoy playing the game and doing the model's I feel add character and depth to my army rather than how they preform. I hope my army gathers quite a bit of interest along with the other Praetorian brothers as we put up a united front.

The second reason why work on my current project must cease at the moment is so I can paint my Primaris Psyker. I learnt from my game on Thursday is these guy's are really important, and really help in denying the witch. So this is what I am going to move on to.

So keep an eye out as I let you know on my progress. Also I will put up my army list for each point category so you guy's can have a look and pass judgement.

So thanks for looking and I will write again soon. 

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