Sunday, 18 November 2012

Psyker Progress

Hi folks,

Sorry for the lack of post's, but normal life and work has taken over slightly this last week. This is down to doing loads of drill ready for our parades in a fortnights time to celebrate the Regiment being back at home. But the good new's from that is I then go on leave for five week's, so I can get loads of painting in.

If you did not read my last post I have stoped work on my Storm Troopers as I get ready for my Campaign weekend up at Warhammer World next weekend. Which I am really looking forward to especially the doubles game along side Colonel Winterbourne and his Praetorian Army, I just hope the quality of my army does not bring his down. But it will be an awesome sight and I will take lot's of pictures.

So here it is my progress so far on my Psyker. The photo's have made it more shiny than it actually is, so I am sorry about that. I have painted the coat red as I want to keep the model in keeping with the rest of my army. The green cuff's are to denote that he is of the higher officer class. The green tabard I have copied off the GW model. I have also decided to try something new for a change as well, I thought it would be nice to go for the inside of the coat to be purple. It has not turned out as nice as I thought it would but it's ok, it's not as if I'm entering the model into any painting competitions. But he will blend in with the rest of the army really nicely.

There you have it, I am hoping to get more of it done today and start on my army list's. As always thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated.

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