Sunday, 11 November 2012


Hi folks, sorry for the delay in this post but I wanted to get more done than I originally intended to to my next post. It has taken me a while as I wanted to get the Red done and looking good. To do this I had to split my squad in two as I felt it would be easier. The process I used was a lengthy one compared to what I usually do but I think looks great. The shine will go away once I have completed all the model's and sprayed them with Purity seal which will give them a matt finish.

Below is a list of what I used to get to the end product:

1) Red Gore (This is used over the white undercoat).
2) Red Ink (To give the shade in the recesses, and to make the red a little darker).
3) Blood Red (Highlight on all raised area's).
4) Red Ink (To dull down the highlight slightly).
5) Blood Red (Highlight on all raised areas again).
6) Wild Rider Red (Detail Highlight).
7) Blazing Orange (Top Highlight).
8) Red Ink (To dull down the highlighting so it is not so sharp).
9) Wild Rider Red (Top highlight).
10) Blazing Orange (Spot highlight).
11) Red Ink (Once again to dull down highlight's).
12) Bloodletter Glaze (This is to bring everything together and give the red a softer look. It give it a shine that I don't want, but this will go once I sprayed the model's with Purity Seal).

Also Thursday saw me play my first game of 40k. I went to GW Oxford the day so I could learn the new rules that have been added and to do some painting. I went up against the store manager who loved my army, painting so much that he wanted to put my army in his display cabinet. I have said maybe after the campaign weekend in November I will let them borrow them for a short time.

I lost the game but I was not interested in winning or loosing I just wanted to have some fun and learn what has changed. First off I am happier about the tank rules and have learned you need to protect them behind buildings or troops. The challenge thing is quite good fun but you have to be careful if you are going to accept or not. But apart from that I feel that the game is better and more realistic. I did not get to test the new flyer rules but I will read up on them so I know how to use mine.

So there you have it that's what I have been up to, as always your comments are appreciated and thanks for looking.


  1. Its a lovely deep red Dave, and I admire you for doing all those layers! As you say its very shiny now so I look forward to seeing them all finished and dulled down a bit!

  2. They lok fab!

    One thing, though: unless it's changed recently, Purity Seal is a gloss - not matte - varnish. It's what made all of my pre-2010 models super-shiny!