Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It Has Begun

I have returned from my holiday in Wales with the family, and cracked straight on with my new projects. First off I sprayed them with primer, then a black undercoat. I have decided to start on my Elite Guard (aka Storm Troopers) and have split them down into two five man squads. I have done this because I want to spend a little more time painting them as I want them to stand out on the battlefield. So that I get a good red coat on them, I am first doing the same process that I do for my white parts in the army. This being a coat of Codex Grey followed by Fortress Grey then Skull White. I will then do my normal Red Gore highlighted with Blood Red and Blazing Orange. So my veteran squad will take a back seat for now.

In the pictures you will see three painted models, these are my current models two from my vet's and one from my HQ. These I have brought down for reference. The Elite Guard will have the same armour as the HQ model and other bits and pieces, but they won't have green cuffs and collars.

So there you have it that's what I have done so far, but I will do another post tomorrow with further progress so watch this space.

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