Saturday, 13 October 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

Hi Folks,

So this is my first post since I have been back, and before I go into work on Monday for a couple of day's for something we call normalisation. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will do tomorrow so that you can see what I am up to.

First thing's first I had to sort out my store cupboard for my unpainted stuff as it was a mess. So I brought some draws to put my work stuff in and create some extra space so I can put my large travel case and my other GW cases in the cupboard. My unpainted stuff has remained on the shelf but a lot neater. I have also created some extra space in my display cabinet as I will need the room later.

I have started one of my many projects while I am off. During my tour I took the liberty of ordering my 4th Platoon from Victoria Lamb. So I have started to clean the mold lines and gluing them together. Due to the amount of detail there is I am only gluing the legs and body's at the moment. I like the quality but was a bit surprised at how aggressive some of the mould lines were, but they have been quite easy to clean.

I have also ordered some stuff off Curious Constructs as I want to replace one of my tank commanders with something that looks more like a Praetorian. I have also ordered some heads that look like the WWI German Helmets. The quality is excellent and I am looking forward to painting these. The heads are going to be used on some DKOK Grenadiers which I will convert into my Elite Guard and use them as Storm Troopers.

Before November I am going to touch up a few of my vehicles and make them more battle worn and bring them into line with my other vehicles. I am also going to change some of the heads and make them more like Praetorians. I am also going to change my banners as I hate the paper ones I have as they look tacky, and make some new ones out of green stuff.

I have also put up for sale today on of my Veteran squad, the Classic Storm trooper ones as they are not in keeping with the rest of the army. These will be replaced with some conversion work models when I get the stuff from Forgeworld.

Last off I need some advice. I have the parts to make a Militia unit but wondering what stats should I use. Should I use the Penal Squad stats or the Conscripts stats. Militia are trained but to what standard. So some help in this would be great.

So till tomorrow when I put up some pictures thanks for looking.

P.S Thanks for your messages on my last post, and thanks for all your support it does help to know that people appreciate what we do.


  1. I would definitely use "Conscripts" for your Militia units because although trained, they will not be as trained/experienced as regular units.

  2. On the Conscripts vs Penal Squad - I really don't know. I think the real question is what would you use in games? Also there is nothing stopping you from making them and then just swapping them from Penal Squads to Conscripts. Don't they both all only have rifles?
    Looks like loads of cool projects lined up there. I'm doing something similar with the Picklehaubes but I'm putting them on steel legion guys. I'll be interested to see how yours turn out.

  3. In my head I could see Praetorian 'conscripts' as being like the Natal Native Contingent. I'm not sure if that's helpful.

    Conscripts would make more sense as a choice, but remember that means you're far more likely to need more of them...