Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Watch This Space

My new banners are now complete and after Col Winterborne suggestion, and having a look at my HQ a seeing they have a dark banner pole I have done the same. I have not done another picture as I felt there was no need as I would only be going over old ground.

Yesterday and today I have moved onto my new projects. The first being my replacement veteran squad, which will fill the gap for the veteran squad I have just sold. For those of you that don't know my first veteran squad were the old classic storm troopers. Which at the time looked really cool with berets, but when I did the second squad using the Cadian veteran pack they looked out of place and would need to be replaced at some point. I did have a mind to turn them into Storm Troopers I did not have a replacement classic model for the one of the special weapons, and I was not willing to pay the crazy prices on eBay.

 Old Veteran Squad behind new style
Part of current Veteran Squad

With the new squad I am doing I have decided to go with three Melta Gun's instead of my classic two Plasma and one Melta. I had to buy the Bio Cadian special weapons as Forge World have seem to have stopped doing the normal special weapon teams. So I had to do quite a bit of cutting and tidying up, as you can see from the picture. The rest of the model's were straight forward only requiring to be tided up.

The next set of models are going to be my Storm Troopers. I have played around with using Karskin, and the current Storm Troopers but felt they would not fit in with my army and style. So the decision was made to make my own using DKOG Grenadiers. I have cut away the heads and respirator piping ready for the new heads. I was going to use the new Pickalube heads from Curious Constructs but found they are a little on the large size and plus the style did not look right. So I ordered the Life Guard heads, but again I have found these to be a little to big for the size of model. But not to worry I already have plans afoot for these heads. So I have gone back to using Empress Miniature heads. But to be more precise the heads with the crests on the helmet like the officers.

So that's what I have been up to, they are all glued to there basis cleaned and ready to be primed and base coated. But that will have to wait till I come back off holiday which I go on tomorrow to Wales. So thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated, and I will see you all next week.


  1. Those head issues are so frustrating. The FW DKOK are so much smaller that nothing seems to fit!
    Well I say that, but Col. Winterborne seemed to pull it off!!

  2. Vic lamb heads all the way for those!

  3. Looking good. You seem to have been able to integrate the Cadian models nicely into your army. Keep up the good work

  4. Dave, some really cool stuff your doing, I love the Cadian conversions for your veterans, they are really nice looking models. Can I ask what paints you used to get the brass/gold effect on them as it looks really good?

    I would echo Col Winterbornes comment and use Vics heads if you've got em for your Storm Troopers, his look really smart and it is what I am planning to do with mine because they seem the best scale fit. The empress ones look too small to me, but it is all personal opinion. Enjoying all your new projects!

  5. I have myself a ticket for the campaign weekend! What say you to a praetorian combined operation if there is a doubles game???

  6. Dave, sorry another question for you, but are the forgeworld cadian bits smaller than there plastic counterparts? As others have mentioned the DKOK models are smaller scale than normal plastics(which I quite like as they look better next to old GW praetorians)but the cadian arms on your pictures also look smaller (less thick) than standard cadian plastics, or am I imagining it?

  7. Hi Buffer,

    No need to applogise as I am alway's happy to answer questions. To answer your first question to get the Brass/Gold effect. I first use Tin Bitz over a black under coat, then Dwarf Bronze. This is then given a wash with Brown Ink. I then build up the layers first with Dwarf Bronze, then Burnished Gold. If you don't want the dark look you can drop the Brown Ink and the effect is more of a Gold effect. With the Gold effect you can add a final highlight of mithril Silver as this acts like a sun spot, but make sure it is really light and not to heavy as you will end up with a false look.

    To answer your second question. They are slightly smaller but this is due to Forge World being closer to the 28mm scale, but the diffrence is not that much. It is the same with DKOK hence the reason why Rob's heads and Victoria Lamb heads don't really work on them. I know Col Winterborne has used Victoria Lamb heads and has made them work. I have found that the Empress Miniature heads are perfect for the Krieg models. The arm's on my HQ conversions are the plastic Cadian arms, but what I think makes the arms look smaller is the size of the Lasgun.

    So there you have it mate, I hope that helps.

    1. Cheers mate. Unfortunately I don't have tin bitz but I believe the same effect can be achieved with scorched brown/rhinox as the base. I also only have the new metallic paints so looking at the comparison it would be hashut copper instead of dwarf bronze. Cheers for the tip I'll have a play.

      Its good to know the forgeworld cadians are slightly smaller as well as I like the shotgun torsos you have converted, they are really nice. I suppose it doesn't really matter but I prefer stuff that's closer to original 28mm. Look forward to seeing your completed storm troopers I'm going to take a knife to mine this weekend!