Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Pask

I have finished doing the green stuff on the Victoria Lamb mini's and have been put away in the cupboard to be painted another day. So yesterday I started on my new Pask who will be named Captain Melmoth, I will do some history at some point but I just want to get some painting done at the mo.

So I have gone with my normal Praetorian colours but with a white front along with all my other tank crew to denote that they are part of the cavalry. Also because he is part of the higher officer class due to him being an ace he has the green collar and cuffs, he will also have gold braiding and buttons. I have decided his corps badge will be silver along with the shoulder parts.

I am enjoying painting this model as the detail is great and really lends itself to being highlighted. It feels good knowing that I have not dropped off in my painting skills and the model is blending in nicely with the rest of the army.

Well I will leave you with some photo's, and hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest done and mounted in his Vanquisher. I have already based the new heads for my other tanks which I can hopefully start tomorrow, and then start weathering the tanks I want to get done. As always thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated.

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