Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Flag Bearers Nearly Completed

Sorry I have been a little quite these last couple of day's, but that has been down to normal family life and doing the new banners. I have received my second delivery from Forge World so I can now get on and do my replacement second veteran squad.

So I have completed the banners themselves, by sealing the green stuff with a primer. I then gave them an undercoat of white and letting it dry. I marked out the line going from corner to corner with pencil and started painting the two different sections. The red was done with Red Gore and highlighted with Blood Red and Blazing Orange, I also gave the different coats a ink wash then a final wash with Baal Red. The white was done by giving it a layer of Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey. I then did a couple of layers of watered down white. The Eagle and Numbers were done with transfers which were then given a coat of Ard Coat to seal them in place. I finally placed the poles back in place and glued the crest's back on.

So there you have it they are nearly done. All that is left is to finish the banner poles and touch up the hands and they will be ready to be put back with there respective units. As always thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated.


  1. Looking great! Very striking. Only thing I'd maybe change is the flag pole and paint it a dark colour. How much have you got to get done for the campaign weekend?

  2. To be honest I'm not sure as I have not worked out the points yet. But I would say not much more. I'm aiming to get a least another sentinel, hellhound, hydra done before the campaign weekend. Plus I would like to possibly get a couple more chimera's done to, but we will see.

  3. Your 'flat' flags do look very good.

    I have no idea if any toothpaste company still does metal tubes in this country; it is almost certain that they still do in other countries. One to keep an eye out for on holiday, perhaps. One could possibly get three or four out of a big tube.

    Despite the possbility of flaking paint, the flags themselves might prove a little more durable.

  4. Nice work Dave, I always enjoy seeing what other people come up with as conversions for the standard Praetorian range. They look good and I like the use of transfers. What's your forgeworld plans out of interest?

  5. Buffer: You will have to watch this space. But you will like what I do, as I will be starting these projects in the next couple of day's.

  6. looking good! I love the fact that the design and colours are so simple. In 40k we usually see full on over the top banners but these look really sharp and fit your army perfectly.
    for the next stuff... I am watching this space!