Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My New Baneblade

It is not really new but it has had a much needed face lift as it was not in keeping with the rest of the army. So something I thought would take me quite some time to do, but it only took me 4 hours. So what have I done to it?

Well first off it has had the battle damage added to it. I have done this by using Chardon Granite thinned down and dabbed on with a sponge, over this I used the same technique but with Boltgun Metal for the deeper damage. I then touched up the bit's that the sponge accidentally touched, which was mainly the light and window lenses and the large eagle's. Once the windows and light were touched up they had a coat of Varnish to make them more realistic. Oil stains were added to various places as well. I re-painted the main guns as they looked a bit naff. This was done with dry brushing Tin Bitz over a black undercoat then dry brushed with Boltgun Metal. The muzzle end's were then dry brushed with Black. To finish off I then added the mud and dust in my usual way. I must admit I have lost my touch a little bit in this area but it does not look terrible.

So there you have it another model completed and looking more in keeping with my army. Next up is my Medusa to get the weathering treatment which will be started tomorrow so watch this space. As always your comments are appreciated and thanks for looking.


  1. That's awesome. Such a huge difference in such a short time!

  2. Just beautiful! Very well done on the weathering, I really dig how that turned out.