Sunday, 21 October 2012

My First Model Completed

I know I said I was going to get this finished a couple of day's ago but life kinda got in the way. I had to take a trip up to the In Law's as they wanted to say welcome home and so did a few other people, I guess I can't really blame them.

Well this chap has taken over from my original Pask model which I felt didn't fit in with my army, as well as a few other tank commander models who will shortly be having their heads changed. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the GW model he just doesn't look like a Praetorian so had to be changed.

The chap that has replaced him is a miniature done by Rob (aka Col Gravis) from Curious Constructs. This model has been an absolute pleasure to paint and has helped me get back into the swing of painting again. This is largely due to the simple design but bag's of character which lends itself to doing some really good highlights. His face is full of detail but is not to the point of it being to much and is really easy to pick out the detail. The size of the model is good to, it is around the same size as the GW Pask model, but is larger than the plastic tank commander's in the box's. The price is great to with Rob charging £3 for his model were as GW Pask is £7.20. So Rob is way better on value for a better model. Thanks Rob and keep up the great work.

So what have I done to get him finished? Well I painted the gold trim around his uniform and buttons by first using Tin Bitz then using Dwarf Bronze and highlighting with Shining Gold. His collar and cuffs were given a coat of white then painted with Dark Angels Green, which then a coat of Green Ink to give it the look of velvet. This was then given a highlight with Snot Green then a spot highlight with Scorpion Green. The badge and shoulder parts were painted using Boltgun metal a highlight with Chainmail and a spot highlight with Mithrial Silver. The white braiding was done with first a coat of Codex Grey then Fortress Grey, over this I then do a couple of layers of white making sure I don't go into the recesses so that the grey can show through. I almost do a sort of drybrush but with a slightly wetter brush, the helmet was done in the same way. The face is done in my normal way but with an extra highlight as he is not my normal rank and file trooper.

Well I must admit it was great to do some painting after all this time and nice to see that I haven't lost to much of my skill. It certainly has not been my best paint job or my worst but it has been a nice model to start with and get back into the swing of thing's. My next job is to paint the replacement heads which I will start tomorrow and hopefully finish as there are only three to do.

Well thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated.


  1. I am impressed, colorfule and nice work!

  2. Looks great, I'm really looking forward to seeing what's next for the army!

  3. Nice job Dave. Its good to see Rob's model in situ in a tank as I have one to! Just out of interest why the white facing?

    1. All my tank crew have a white facing it is to mark them out diffrent from the Infantry. It is an old custom from the British Army plus other country's I guess were different Corps had same colour uniforms but to make themselves diffrent they changed the colour of their tunic's. Plus it is something I wanted to try to see how it looked when I first started my army, I liked it so it stuck.

    2. I love the white. It isn't something that I would have considered ever but it really suits your tanks. Works well :)