Thursday, 25 October 2012

More Hobby, Plus My First Forge World Delivery

This is going to be a long post as I am going to go into some length on how to make banners out of green stuff, plus some other things I have done today. So grab a brew sit down and make yourself comfortable.

So I got up this morning and had a look at the banners I did last night, and straight away hated them. They looked so wrong and not very professional and no were near my normal standard. So I moved onto plan B, which involved some converting work. So here we go this is how I do my banners.

1) I removed the old banner poles by cutting away the bottom half away first then the top, I then carefully cut away the crest on top. Holes were drilled through the hand for the new pole's to fit and the remaining old pole carefully cut away from the hand. Holes were also drilled in the crest for the new poles to be inserted.

2) Using a large cutting mat I placed talcum powder which I worked into the mat, as this stop's the green stuff from sticking. I also applied talcum powder to my roller in this case my hobby knife.

3) For my banners I used just over half a strip of green stuff that GW sell and kneaded it together. Once fully green I rolled it into a ball then placed it on the mat and rolled it in talcum powder.

4) Using my roller I rolled out the green stuff, making sure I turned it over so it does not stick to the roller. When I felt it was big enough I placed my banner template down to make sure I rolled out enough green stuff. What I will say you don't want your green stuff to thin as it will be to floppy and is likely to tear, and you don't want it to thick as it will look un-natural. You need some where in the middle were you can work with it comfortable.

5) Once happy that my template would fit I then cut round the template. Don't do a normal cut as you are likely to either tear the green stuff or scrunch it up. Do a straight cut down like you are cutting cheese, plus it will give you nice straight edges.

6) Supper glue was applied to one edge of the pole and placed about 3-4mm inside, then the banner edge was foldered round and blended into the rest of the banner. I normally use a spare paint brush for this bit but it is up to you. I lay the banner over the paint brush to get a nice curve shape, I then fold up one of the edges and place a paint pot there so that it keeps it's shape while it dries. Once dried it will have Primer sprayed over it to harden the green stuff so that it is ready to paint.

So there you have it, that's how I do my banners.

I had just enough Purity Seal to do another tank today with it's weathering. The tank done today was my first Chimera for the 1st Platoon Command. This model was first painted about the same time as the Sentinel that I finished yesterday. The turret is a Forge World turret and has a Forge World interior, all the command vehicles will have this interior. I also replaced the antenna that had snapped off quite some time ago but was never replaced. The weathering was done like the rest but I spent more time on the dozer blade. I was not sure how this was going to turn out as I wanted it to look quite battered and worn. So I added my normal weathering powder brushed off the excess, then applied a light rust powder with some metallic powder mixed in. I think it has turned out quite well, but next time I do a dozer blade I will use the technique in the Model Master Class book I have.

Lastly I have received the first of my parcels from Forge World today. The guy's you see will become my Elite Guard, I will be using the Storm Trooper stats for them in games. There is quite a lot of work to be done to these guy's before they look like Praetorians. I was going to use the new heads from Curious Constructs but I'm not sure they will look right, so I think I will invest in some other heads from him. So as you can guess from what I have said the first thing to be done is o cut away the heads. Also the respirator tubes will have to be cut away, then the new heads can be stuck on. I also purchased some new special weapons as I don't like the Flamer or Grenade Launcher. I felt if I used the special weapons supplied my new squad would still look like Krieg rather than Praetorians.

So there you have it another successful day in the hobby world for me. As always thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated.    


  1. Nice tutorial on the banners. Look forward to seeing them painted up. The chimera looks good as well.
    Ah the fun of spending a load of money on models and then taking a knife/clippers to them and cutting them to bits to make them how you want them. Should be some good conversions.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. Commissar D; if you manage to save any of the heads at all, do let me know.

    OBTW GS flags ?!?! You're brave. I'd find a toothpaste that still comes in a metal tube; opened out they make absolutely super flags.

  3. Zzzzzz. Sorry I won't be able to save the heads due to were I have to cut the heads off.

    I have done a couple of GS flags now and all have turned out really good. But I did not know about the metal tube in toothpaste. Do you know which toothpaste still comes in a metal tube?

  4. Don't know about toothpaste, but tomato puree comes in metal tubes.