Sunday, 14 October 2012

Here You Go.

As promised here are some pictures of some of the new projects I have started, also my cupboard that I have sorted out. First up is the picture of the cupboard which holds all my projects that need painting, also my carry case's. Yes I know I have lot's to paint but it's not as if I have not got enough time is it.

Second lot of pictures is my new 4th Platoon commanded by Lt Bromhead. The rest of his command squad is missing as I did not order enough legs or weapon arms, I did order the main body's. I decided that they would be dressed in a traditional dress from when the company was first formed, and Lt Bromhead refusing that his platoon change into the new dress. (The classic Praetorians). I have also thought I would have Bromhead coming from the Highlands he will have a Bagpipe man for his radio man. Bromhead is the model with the helmet on the floor, the other two are the seargents which I thought would be better to fully build. The models themselves are slightly bigger than GW but in a crowd I don't think you will notice. The fit is not great but with a little liquid green stuff they will look great. Once the green stuff has been done they will base coated so that they are ready for painting, they then will be put to one side so I can move onto sorting out the tanks, heads, and banners.

Third lot of pictures is of the new tank commander ace who will take over the Pask model I have and don't really like. Also the new heads for my Storm Troopers when I get the models from Forgeworld, which should arrive some point this week. The sculpts are great with no mould lines and there is loads of detail on the heads, and I am really looking forward to painting them. If you are still thinking of getting stuff from Curious Constructs, don't think do it you won't be disappointed.

So that's it for now thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated. I will keep you all updated with my projects, so stay tuned as there is lot's of exciting stuff going to happen.

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  1. Oh, I'm jealous seeing your Picklehaubes! Mine are still on their way from the UK to OZ. That's one nice looking cupboard. My stuff has all been relegated to my shed where I can be as messy as I want LOL.
    I picked up a squad of Vics minis and made up a firing line too. But alas, the scale thing is too much for me so I haven't even considered painting them. I'm going to use mine as officers and characters. That being said, as you have a decent number of them I'm sure they will look fine.
    Welcome back to the modelling world Commissar Dave ;)