Monday, 22 October 2012

Another Thing Done

Well I managed to get some more stuff painted today nothing big but something that needed to be done. I replaced the heads on two of my tanks, the first being my Baneblade the second being my Medusa.

For some of you that have been following my blog for some time might remember the HQ Chimera that I done with the extra armour. Well I decided to have a crew member holding a bolt pistol out the hatch but with a head I purchased from Empress Miniatures. This head had a Scottish kind of beret and look so right as a rank and file tankie, and it fitted in so well with the rest of the army. Well I did want to do the others but never really got down to doing them as I wanted to expand my army some what. It was only when I was looking at my army before deploying to Afghan that I decided that one of the first things I will do when I get back is change the heads, so that is what I have done.

The Baneblade has had a beret for the gunner as he is rank and file, and the officer has had a Pith Helmet. I decided that he should have a Pith helmet as it would look strange if I had my Tank ace being the only officer within the whole of the tank company waring a Pith, so to that end all tank officers will wear a Pith. The Medusa has had a beret as well as I felt that that would only be a Sgt commanding the vehicle. But overall I am happy with them and it is starting to bring my tanks in keeping with the rest of the army.

Starting tomorrow I will be weathering some of my first vehicles that I painted for my Army. These being:


I did ponder the idea of replacing them with new ones. But went against it as it would cost to much and did not want to start dropping point's in games because I did not want to use them. I feel my painting skills are good enough to bring them up to scratch with the rest of the vehicles I have done. So watch this space as the first vehicle I am going to tackle is the massive Baneblade.


  1. Those really turned out awesome! I really dig that red and white scheme, it's really striking and beautifully done!

  2. yeah Ditto! Great to see your army moving forward again, and so quickly!! Also I had forgotten how good that weathering looked. Totally love it.

  3. Mordian 7th thanks I really like the red and white too and it looks great on the gaming table. Only trouble is I tend to get picked on in a large crowd as they are so easy to spot. By the way I am loving your project and is looking really good.

    Col Ackland thanks mate. I guess it will move on quite quickly as I am on some well deserved leave from my Op Tour so have plenty of time on my hands. I want to do the touch up bits first and bring my stuff more in line with the rest of my army, before I move on to some new projects. The first of these new projects will be the replacement Veteran Squad, and a Elite Guard which will act as Storm Troopers when I get the parts from Forgeworld.