Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Productive Day

Well what a productive day I have had modelling. Only problem being is I have run out of Purity Seal and non slot bases, so I will have to take a trip to GW some time to get some more. So what have I done today?

First off I have done the weathering on my Medusa tank. I was worried that I might ruin the design on the side but to my surprise it has not and made it even better. The tank has been weathered the same way as the Baneblade and my other tanks. I have even re-mastered my weathering effects with powders, what I had forgotten to do was use a dry brush to apply the powder once I have used a brush to apply the paint thinner.  Overall I am really happy with this vehicle and feel it has turned out really well.

I then moved onto my first Sentinel that I did many years ago. This to was done in the same way as all the other vehicles but more care was taken applying the weathering powder due to the base and not wanting to ruin it. I might in the long run buy a new one and re-due it as it is not quite as good as the command Sentinel. But that is to be expected as it was painted several years ago.

As I have run out of of Purity seal I have moved onto replacing the banners on the platoon command squads as I started to hate the paper ones. I used the same technique that I have used on others, which is rolling out green stuff with talcum powder as for it not to stick to the roller or board. The part I found hard and hope turns out all right is wrapping the green stuff round the banner pole as it was attached to the model, were normally the banner pole has been separate. So they have been left to dry and harden. If I am not happy with them then what I think I will do is make new banner poles and cut off the old ones, drill holes in the hand so that the new poles can slide through.

Last thing I have done is start on my Militia which will use the conscripts rules. The legs are Cadian and the body's are from Curious Constructs. I have used Cadian arms and kept the shoulder guards which will be painted white, so they will look different. Apart from that they will be painted the same as the rest of the army, the heads will be painted last so that I can get to the rest of the body first.

As always thanks for looking and your comments are most appreciated.


  1. Great job, I love the weathering, really completes the model and takes it to the next level. I've not managed to get myself a ticket for the campaign yet (wasn't sure I could make, now I am its sold out!) but I'm hoping to get a return so I can come and see your army in the flesh!

  2. Thanks mate, I agree I don't know why it has taken me so long to get round and do them.

    Rob e-mailed me the other day saying that he might not be able to make it but that there are tickets still available. I guess you are thinking of coming up for the day, maybe if you bring your army up we could play a game in the evening.

  3. Definitely, Praetorian v Praetorian Red vs Brown... should be fun!