Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Watch This Space

My new banners are now complete and after Col Winterborne suggestion, and having a look at my HQ a seeing they have a dark banner pole I have done the same. I have not done another picture as I felt there was no need as I would only be going over old ground.

Yesterday and today I have moved onto my new projects. The first being my replacement veteran squad, which will fill the gap for the veteran squad I have just sold. For those of you that don't know my first veteran squad were the old classic storm troopers. Which at the time looked really cool with berets, but when I did the second squad using the Cadian veteran pack they looked out of place and would need to be replaced at some point. I did have a mind to turn them into Storm Troopers I did not have a replacement classic model for the one of the special weapons, and I was not willing to pay the crazy prices on eBay.

 Old Veteran Squad behind new style
Part of current Veteran Squad

With the new squad I am doing I have decided to go with three Melta Gun's instead of my classic two Plasma and one Melta. I had to buy the Bio Cadian special weapons as Forge World have seem to have stopped doing the normal special weapon teams. So I had to do quite a bit of cutting and tidying up, as you can see from the picture. The rest of the model's were straight forward only requiring to be tided up.

The next set of models are going to be my Storm Troopers. I have played around with using Karskin, and the current Storm Troopers but felt they would not fit in with my army and style. So the decision was made to make my own using DKOG Grenadiers. I have cut away the heads and respirator piping ready for the new heads. I was going to use the new Pickalube heads from Curious Constructs but found they are a little on the large size and plus the style did not look right. So I ordered the Life Guard heads, but again I have found these to be a little to big for the size of model. But not to worry I already have plans afoot for these heads. So I have gone back to using Empress Miniature heads. But to be more precise the heads with the crests on the helmet like the officers.

So that's what I have been up to, they are all glued to there basis cleaned and ready to be primed and base coated. But that will have to wait till I come back off holiday which I go on tomorrow to Wales. So thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated, and I will see you all next week.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Flag Bearers Nearly Completed

Sorry I have been a little quite these last couple of day's, but that has been down to normal family life and doing the new banners. I have received my second delivery from Forge World so I can now get on and do my replacement second veteran squad.

So I have completed the banners themselves, by sealing the green stuff with a primer. I then gave them an undercoat of white and letting it dry. I marked out the line going from corner to corner with pencil and started painting the two different sections. The red was done with Red Gore and highlighted with Blood Red and Blazing Orange, I also gave the different coats a ink wash then a final wash with Baal Red. The white was done by giving it a layer of Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey. I then did a couple of layers of watered down white. The Eagle and Numbers were done with transfers which were then given a coat of Ard Coat to seal them in place. I finally placed the poles back in place and glued the crest's back on.

So there you have it they are nearly done. All that is left is to finish the banner poles and touch up the hands and they will be ready to be put back with there respective units. As always thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

More Hobby, Plus My First Forge World Delivery

This is going to be a long post as I am going to go into some length on how to make banners out of green stuff, plus some other things I have done today. So grab a brew sit down and make yourself comfortable.

So I got up this morning and had a look at the banners I did last night, and straight away hated them. They looked so wrong and not very professional and no were near my normal standard. So I moved onto plan B, which involved some converting work. So here we go this is how I do my banners.

1) I removed the old banner poles by cutting away the bottom half away first then the top, I then carefully cut away the crest on top. Holes were drilled through the hand for the new pole's to fit and the remaining old pole carefully cut away from the hand. Holes were also drilled in the crest for the new poles to be inserted.

2) Using a large cutting mat I placed talcum powder which I worked into the mat, as this stop's the green stuff from sticking. I also applied talcum powder to my roller in this case my hobby knife.

3) For my banners I used just over half a strip of green stuff that GW sell and kneaded it together. Once fully green I rolled it into a ball then placed it on the mat and rolled it in talcum powder.

4) Using my roller I rolled out the green stuff, making sure I turned it over so it does not stick to the roller. When I felt it was big enough I placed my banner template down to make sure I rolled out enough green stuff. What I will say you don't want your green stuff to thin as it will be to floppy and is likely to tear, and you don't want it to thick as it will look un-natural. You need some where in the middle were you can work with it comfortable.

5) Once happy that my template would fit I then cut round the template. Don't do a normal cut as you are likely to either tear the green stuff or scrunch it up. Do a straight cut down like you are cutting cheese, plus it will give you nice straight edges.

6) Supper glue was applied to one edge of the pole and placed about 3-4mm inside, then the banner edge was foldered round and blended into the rest of the banner. I normally use a spare paint brush for this bit but it is up to you. I lay the banner over the paint brush to get a nice curve shape, I then fold up one of the edges and place a paint pot there so that it keeps it's shape while it dries. Once dried it will have Primer sprayed over it to harden the green stuff so that it is ready to paint.

So there you have it, that's how I do my banners.

I had just enough Purity Seal to do another tank today with it's weathering. The tank done today was my first Chimera for the 1st Platoon Command. This model was first painted about the same time as the Sentinel that I finished yesterday. The turret is a Forge World turret and has a Forge World interior, all the command vehicles will have this interior. I also replaced the antenna that had snapped off quite some time ago but was never replaced. The weathering was done like the rest but I spent more time on the dozer blade. I was not sure how this was going to turn out as I wanted it to look quite battered and worn. So I added my normal weathering powder brushed off the excess, then applied a light rust powder with some metallic powder mixed in. I think it has turned out quite well, but next time I do a dozer blade I will use the technique in the Model Master Class book I have.

Lastly I have received the first of my parcels from Forge World today. The guy's you see will become my Elite Guard, I will be using the Storm Trooper stats for them in games. There is quite a lot of work to be done to these guy's before they look like Praetorians. I was going to use the new heads from Curious Constructs but I'm not sure they will look right, so I think I will invest in some other heads from him. So as you can guess from what I have said the first thing to be done is o cut away the heads. Also the respirator tubes will have to be cut away, then the new heads can be stuck on. I also purchased some new special weapons as I don't like the Flamer or Grenade Launcher. I felt if I used the special weapons supplied my new squad would still look like Krieg rather than Praetorians.

So there you have it another successful day in the hobby world for me. As always thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated.    

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Productive Day

Well what a productive day I have had modelling. Only problem being is I have run out of Purity Seal and non slot bases, so I will have to take a trip to GW some time to get some more. So what have I done today?

First off I have done the weathering on my Medusa tank. I was worried that I might ruin the design on the side but to my surprise it has not and made it even better. The tank has been weathered the same way as the Baneblade and my other tanks. I have even re-mastered my weathering effects with powders, what I had forgotten to do was use a dry brush to apply the powder once I have used a brush to apply the paint thinner.  Overall I am really happy with this vehicle and feel it has turned out really well.

I then moved onto my first Sentinel that I did many years ago. This to was done in the same way as all the other vehicles but more care was taken applying the weathering powder due to the base and not wanting to ruin it. I might in the long run buy a new one and re-due it as it is not quite as good as the command Sentinel. But that is to be expected as it was painted several years ago.

As I have run out of of Purity seal I have moved onto replacing the banners on the platoon command squads as I started to hate the paper ones. I used the same technique that I have used on others, which is rolling out green stuff with talcum powder as for it not to stick to the roller or board. The part I found hard and hope turns out all right is wrapping the green stuff round the banner pole as it was attached to the model, were normally the banner pole has been separate. So they have been left to dry and harden. If I am not happy with them then what I think I will do is make new banner poles and cut off the old ones, drill holes in the hand so that the new poles can slide through.

Last thing I have done is start on my Militia which will use the conscripts rules. The legs are Cadian and the body's are from Curious Constructs. I have used Cadian arms and kept the shoulder guards which will be painted white, so they will look different. Apart from that they will be painted the same as the rest of the army, the heads will be painted last so that I can get to the rest of the body first.

As always thanks for looking and your comments are most appreciated.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My New Baneblade

It is not really new but it has had a much needed face lift as it was not in keeping with the rest of the army. So something I thought would take me quite some time to do, but it only took me 4 hours. So what have I done to it?

Well first off it has had the battle damage added to it. I have done this by using Chardon Granite thinned down and dabbed on with a sponge, over this I used the same technique but with Boltgun Metal for the deeper damage. I then touched up the bit's that the sponge accidentally touched, which was mainly the light and window lenses and the large eagle's. Once the windows and light were touched up they had a coat of Varnish to make them more realistic. Oil stains were added to various places as well. I re-painted the main guns as they looked a bit naff. This was done with dry brushing Tin Bitz over a black undercoat then dry brushed with Boltgun Metal. The muzzle end's were then dry brushed with Black. To finish off I then added the mud and dust in my usual way. I must admit I have lost my touch a little bit in this area but it does not look terrible.

So there you have it another model completed and looking more in keeping with my army. Next up is my Medusa to get the weathering treatment which will be started tomorrow so watch this space. As always your comments are appreciated and thanks for looking.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Another Thing Done

Well I managed to get some more stuff painted today nothing big but something that needed to be done. I replaced the heads on two of my tanks, the first being my Baneblade the second being my Medusa.

For some of you that have been following my blog for some time might remember the HQ Chimera that I done with the extra armour. Well I decided to have a crew member holding a bolt pistol out the hatch but with a head I purchased from Empress Miniatures. This head had a Scottish kind of beret and look so right as a rank and file tankie, and it fitted in so well with the rest of the army. Well I did want to do the others but never really got down to doing them as I wanted to expand my army some what. It was only when I was looking at my army before deploying to Afghan that I decided that one of the first things I will do when I get back is change the heads, so that is what I have done.

The Baneblade has had a beret for the gunner as he is rank and file, and the officer has had a Pith Helmet. I decided that he should have a Pith helmet as it would look strange if I had my Tank ace being the only officer within the whole of the tank company waring a Pith, so to that end all tank officers will wear a Pith. The Medusa has had a beret as well as I felt that that would only be a Sgt commanding the vehicle. But overall I am happy with them and it is starting to bring my tanks in keeping with the rest of the army.

Starting tomorrow I will be weathering some of my first vehicles that I painted for my Army. These being:


I did ponder the idea of replacing them with new ones. But went against it as it would cost to much and did not want to start dropping point's in games because I did not want to use them. I feel my painting skills are good enough to bring them up to scratch with the rest of the vehicles I have done. So watch this space as the first vehicle I am going to tackle is the massive Baneblade.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

My First Model Completed

I know I said I was going to get this finished a couple of day's ago but life kinda got in the way. I had to take a trip up to the In Law's as they wanted to say welcome home and so did a few other people, I guess I can't really blame them.

Well this chap has taken over from my original Pask model which I felt didn't fit in with my army, as well as a few other tank commander models who will shortly be having their heads changed. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the GW model he just doesn't look like a Praetorian so had to be changed.

The chap that has replaced him is a miniature done by Rob (aka Col Gravis) from Curious Constructs. This model has been an absolute pleasure to paint and has helped me get back into the swing of painting again. This is largely due to the simple design but bag's of character which lends itself to doing some really good highlights. His face is full of detail but is not to the point of it being to much and is really easy to pick out the detail. The size of the model is good to, it is around the same size as the GW Pask model, but is larger than the plastic tank commander's in the box's. The price is great to with Rob charging £3 for his model were as GW Pask is £7.20. So Rob is way better on value for a better model. Thanks Rob and keep up the great work.

So what have I done to get him finished? Well I painted the gold trim around his uniform and buttons by first using Tin Bitz then using Dwarf Bronze and highlighting with Shining Gold. His collar and cuffs were given a coat of white then painted with Dark Angels Green, which then a coat of Green Ink to give it the look of velvet. This was then given a highlight with Snot Green then a spot highlight with Scorpion Green. The badge and shoulder parts were painted using Boltgun metal a highlight with Chainmail and a spot highlight with Mithrial Silver. The white braiding was done with first a coat of Codex Grey then Fortress Grey, over this I then do a couple of layers of white making sure I don't go into the recesses so that the grey can show through. I almost do a sort of drybrush but with a slightly wetter brush, the helmet was done in the same way. The face is done in my normal way but with an extra highlight as he is not my normal rank and file trooper.

Well I must admit it was great to do some painting after all this time and nice to see that I haven't lost to much of my skill. It certainly has not been my best paint job or my worst but it has been a nice model to start with and get back into the swing of thing's. My next job is to paint the replacement heads which I will start tomorrow and hopefully finish as there are only three to do.

Well thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Pask

I have finished doing the green stuff on the Victoria Lamb mini's and have been put away in the cupboard to be painted another day. So yesterday I started on my new Pask who will be named Captain Melmoth, I will do some history at some point but I just want to get some painting done at the mo.

So I have gone with my normal Praetorian colours but with a white front along with all my other tank crew to denote that they are part of the cavalry. Also because he is part of the higher officer class due to him being an ace he has the green collar and cuffs, he will also have gold braiding and buttons. I have decided his corps badge will be silver along with the shoulder parts.

I am enjoying painting this model as the detail is great and really lends itself to being highlighted. It feels good knowing that I have not dropped off in my painting skills and the model is blending in nicely with the rest of the army.

Well I will leave you with some photo's, and hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest done and mounted in his Vanquisher. I have already based the new heads for my other tanks which I can hopefully start tomorrow, and then start weathering the tanks I want to get done. As always thanks for looking and your comments are appreciated.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Here You Go.

As promised here are some pictures of some of the new projects I have started, also my cupboard that I have sorted out. First up is the picture of the cupboard which holds all my projects that need painting, also my carry case's. Yes I know I have lot's to paint but it's not as if I have not got enough time is it.

Second lot of pictures is my new 4th Platoon commanded by Lt Bromhead. The rest of his command squad is missing as I did not order enough legs or weapon arms, I did order the main body's. I decided that they would be dressed in a traditional dress from when the company was first formed, and Lt Bromhead refusing that his platoon change into the new dress. (The classic Praetorians). I have also thought I would have Bromhead coming from the Highlands he will have a Bagpipe man for his radio man. Bromhead is the model with the helmet on the floor, the other two are the seargents which I thought would be better to fully build. The models themselves are slightly bigger than GW but in a crowd I don't think you will notice. The fit is not great but with a little liquid green stuff they will look great. Once the green stuff has been done they will base coated so that they are ready for painting, they then will be put to one side so I can move onto sorting out the tanks, heads, and banners.

Third lot of pictures is of the new tank commander ace who will take over the Pask model I have and don't really like. Also the new heads for my Storm Troopers when I get the models from Forgeworld, which should arrive some point this week. The sculpts are great with no mould lines and there is loads of detail on the heads, and I am really looking forward to painting them. If you are still thinking of getting stuff from Curious Constructs, don't think do it you won't be disappointed.

So that's it for now thanks for looking and as always your comments are appreciated. I will keep you all updated with my projects, so stay tuned as there is lot's of exciting stuff going to happen.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

Hi Folks,

So this is my first post since I have been back, and before I go into work on Monday for a couple of day's for something we call normalisation. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will do tomorrow so that you can see what I am up to.

First thing's first I had to sort out my store cupboard for my unpainted stuff as it was a mess. So I brought some draws to put my work stuff in and create some extra space so I can put my large travel case and my other GW cases in the cupboard. My unpainted stuff has remained on the shelf but a lot neater. I have also created some extra space in my display cabinet as I will need the room later.

I have started one of my many projects while I am off. During my tour I took the liberty of ordering my 4th Platoon from Victoria Lamb. So I have started to clean the mold lines and gluing them together. Due to the amount of detail there is I am only gluing the legs and body's at the moment. I like the quality but was a bit surprised at how aggressive some of the mould lines were, but they have been quite easy to clean.

I have also ordered some stuff off Curious Constructs as I want to replace one of my tank commanders with something that looks more like a Praetorian. I have also ordered some heads that look like the WWI German Helmets. The quality is excellent and I am looking forward to painting these. The heads are going to be used on some DKOK Grenadiers which I will convert into my Elite Guard and use them as Storm Troopers.

Before November I am going to touch up a few of my vehicles and make them more battle worn and bring them into line with my other vehicles. I am also going to change some of the heads and make them more like Praetorians. I am also going to change my banners as I hate the paper ones I have as they look tacky, and make some new ones out of green stuff.

I have also put up for sale today on of my Veteran squad, the Classic Storm trooper ones as they are not in keeping with the rest of the army. These will be replaced with some conversion work models when I get the stuff from Forgeworld.

Last off I need some advice. I have the parts to make a Militia unit but wondering what stats should I use. Should I use the Penal Squad stats or the Conscripts stats. Militia are trained but to what standard. So some help in this would be great.

So till tomorrow when I put up some pictures thanks for looking.

P.S Thanks for your messages on my last post, and thanks for all your support it does help to know that people appreciate what we do.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I have checked to make sure I have my arms and legs are still with me and have boarded the big bird back home. So after nearly 7 months of doing my bit for Queen and Country I am back home. But let us spare a moment for those that have not made it home by making the ultimate sacrifice, and those that have serious life changing injury's.

I am glad to be back and looking forward to some time off. Also I have a lot of catching up to do in the world of our fantastic hobby, and I am looking forward in catching up on my painting and checking out all the new models that I have brought. Which my wife kindly put away for me awaiting my return. before I start painting any new stuff there are a couple of things I want to finish off painting, and a couple of models I want to bring in to more like the rest of my army. I will start painting and posting again very soon hopefully in a day or to. So till then thanks for looking and all your messages of support I have received during my tour of duty.