Friday, 24 August 2012

I Know I Said.....


I know I said I would not do another post while I was home on R&R or do any painting. But my wife saw me looking at my un-painted stuff, and said if I wanted to do some painting then I could. So I have taken her up on her offer and done some. I thought it would be good if I started on my third platoon ready for the campaign weekend in November, so I have started on the command squad.  I have done them the same as the rest of my troops but have spent a little more time highlighting the Junior officer and I think he has turned out quite nice. I will also when the models are finished do the banner but made out of green stuff, like my company banner as it looks much better than my paper banners. Plus when I get back from tour in October I will change the other ones.

I have also been to a GW where I purchased a new starter paint set and the painting guide to see how the paints are. I originally thought they had changed all the paints but only when I spoke to the staff I discovered that they had renamed them, but also included some new paints. When I get back from tour I will purchase some more and try some new techniques that I have been reading about. I also saw the new Ork fighter/bomber, and the Space Marine flyer thing and was surprised at how small they are. I thought they would have been a little bigger.

I have also been reading the new rule book and have found it to be a very well put together book. It's a shame that the Praetorians are still not mentioned, but you never know they might include them in the new Guard Codex if they do one. I'm not happy with some of the new rules as they don't seem to read just quite right but once I have played a few games I guess they will make sense. I do like the the flyer rules as this means I can now use my Thunderbolt, which I am really happy about. But I don't like the new rules regarding vehicles as I fell the new rules make them two easy to kill. I also feel they have got the hull points a little wrong, especially for guard. How can a Sentinel have 3 hull points when its armour is only ever going to be a maximum of 12 but yet a Leman Russ with armour 14/13/10 also gets 3 hull points. But wait a Land Raider with armour value 14 all round gets 4 hull points. Also I don't like the fact that you loose a hull point on glancing hits, as this means you could go for the cheaper heavy weapons that will only ever get glancing hits and destroy vehicles. But that is only from what I have read and will have to see how they play. I love the new missions and the extra terrain rules as this adds some real life to the games, but I also feel it could slow games down a little as we have to take into account the new rules into account. I am also a little wary about the new pyhsic powers as on first glance they have gone back to second edition. But like I said I will have to play a few games and see how it feels. But from what I have read on other blogs it all sounds very promising.

Well that's it, thanks for all your messages they are much appreciated and as always your comments are much appreciated. Only one more month to go and I will back in the UK for good and getting on with the many projects I have planned.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back On Some Rest

Hi everyone,

Well after around 5 months on tour i am back on some well deserved Rest and Recuperation, and spending some quality time with the family. So to that end I will not be doing any hobby painting as this is not fair on the family. But I have bought the new 6th Ed and will be having a read of that to see what has changed. Which by the looks of it is quite a lot. I did also buy the new templates which I'm not impressed with as they look a bit cheap and nasty, and the other bits and pieces that can be purchased. I have also got tickets for the campaign weekend in November so that myself and a couple of other Praetorian players can get together and show a united front. So I will need to learn the new rules pretty quick when I get back, and get a few games in.

Afghan has been fairly busy for me, very hot and dusty. I have been all over Helmand in the good old helicopters, I have also been in the American Osprey which I must say is a very impressive bit of kit. I have also served with the US Marines, and must say they are a great bunch of guy's who are very professional. Plus they have some awesome kit and the vehicles are pretty good too. I think it's about time we the Brits took a leaf out of their book as we could learn a thing or two.

Well I must be off to spend time with the family. So this will be my only post while I am home. But it is just over a month before I am home for good, and getting on with painting and organising the big Praetorian game for January. Till then thanks for looking and for all your messages of support.

Commissar Dave.