Monday, 19 March 2012

Leaving On A Jet Plane

So as promised I would let you all know when I am off to Afghanistan for my 6 month tour of duty. That time is now upon us, as from tomorrow I will be on a plane going to that Very Hot and Sunny Place.

I must also apologise for my lack of post's, this has been because as you might understand I have spent a lot of time with friend's and family before I depart, so this has not left a lot of time for hobby. But you will all be glad to know that I have done a little bit today and yesterday.

But before I get to that, I will let you know my wife has access to my Blog so that she can do post's as in how I am doing, also to let you know when I will be coming home on R+R, and also when I finish my tour.

Also I have put on hold for the time being the big Praetorian Apocalypse game organisation until I return, unless some one else would like to take up the mantle. If not don't panic I will thrust myself into this epic project.

So after all that what have I been up to I hear you cry? Well I have finished on more of my objectives, and the one I finished is of the fallen standard. I really wanted to get this one done as I liked the idea I had thought up, so I went to work. Before I went on my holiday to Wales I had done the sculpt of the flag and left it to dry with a spray of Primer.

I decided that it would be a platoon standard rather than a Company, so I painted the crest on top of the pole Silver, the flag was painted in my custom Red and White which was quite difficult to do. This was because of the shape of the flag and also making sure I had the Red and White going the right way. The Imperial Eagle is a transfer which again was very difficult to put in place due to the creases in the flag, and also making sure the transfer went in all the creases and laid flat. Last off was the weathering which was done with weathering powder's then given a coat of purity seal. I wanted the flag to look dirty as if it had fallen and the dust and mud from battle had gathered. I have not done it as if it was all shot up and torn as I felt it would spoil the effect that I was after. There you have it my fourth objective which I am very happy with, and looks really cool I think.

Well there you go that's it from me, and as always your comments are appreciated. Please keep popping back to my Blog even though it will be quite for 6 month's but I will return with a vengeance as I will have loads of time for painting.

Till October time keep safe, and I hope you all have a great 6 months of painting and gaming.


  1. Be safe! I'll make sure there are plenty more little robot guys to meet your Praetorians when you come back.

  2. You keep safe out there, Dave. Looking forward to seeing more whenever you can post it. I love the standard by the way - really looking very good. All the best!

  3. That standard looks sweet, I'm definitely going to use that idea when I get back to my model desk!

    Best of luck. You have been in the game for long enough to know what you're doing so we'll hear all about about it in October. ;)

    Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.

  4. Aye, obviously goes without saying, but stay safe out there!

    I'll be happy to help further with the big game org as soon as I've finished sorting out my house move.

  5. Stay safe Sir,
    Here's hoping time flies for you until October.

  6. Hope all's well,

    Stay safe, fella.

    - Chris.