Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Have Decided On A Date

So as the title suggests I have decided on a date for our Apocalypse game. So I am going to go for the 11th to 13th of January. The reason for this is that it gives people 10 months for everyone to get their army done. Second it is a week after the first pay weekend so most of us should still have some fund's left. And the last is we can all have a good time at Christmas and have something to look forward to at the start of a new year.

So all I need is for everyone who is interested to drop me a line at my e-mail address, so I can give Warhammer World rough number's, plus I can get the venue booked plus start looking at prices. My e-mail address is clarkdavid@sky.com If we can get this bit done before I deploy that would be great, unless someone is willing to take it off my hand's while I am away on my Op Tour.

Thanks guy's all your help and comments are appreciated.


  1. Are we planning on using Apocalypse formations or just throw down as many regular Praetorians as possible?

  2. Malkavschilde: Yes mate. We used them in January and they worked really well and did not cause any problems. The only thing we will not use is the assets for the point's diffrence, just for the shear fact that people forget to use them and I feel they slow the game down.

    So I guess I can put you down as a maybe. I have no problem with picking you you up from the airport.

  3. Sweet, this sounds pretty awesome!!! I'm sure as a group people will do whatever needs doing while your away :)

  4. I would say put me down as a strong maybe. 10 months should be ample time to gather the necessay funding to make the trip!

    also, I did a rough count last night. not including extra points for formations and such I can bring 7600pts.

    I guess let me know if I should restrict to a smaller number?

    otherwise the trick will be finding a safe TSA approved method to transport these guys half a world away...