Saturday, 3 March 2012

Date's For the Apocalypse Weekend.

Right guy's I have been thinking about this a lot now, to the point were my head is about ready to explode in a fiery ball of mess. First of the date's I have chosen are:

1) From 7th to 9th December 2012

2) From 14th to 16th December 2012

Now I have picked the first set of date's because it is the first weekend second weekend after pay day and gives all time to spend with our family's before we do one for the weekend, plus we still have some money left.

The second date I picked was because it was in the middle of the month also you still have just over a week before Christmas day, plus I would like to think we still have a little bit of money left.

All I need from you guy's is what date you prefer, and who is likely to come. Also it would be great if we could russel up some Ork player's. I have one that is interested with 25,000 point's worth of Ork's, but I want more because we really need to be out numbered but not to the point we die on the first turn.

Gol Garvis: I really appreciate all the effort you are putting in, and if we can track down this bit of board and borrow it that would be so awesome. Let us know how you get on.


  1. 14th-16th would'nt be any good for me, not a chance of getting out of work on the last day of the school term.

    I'd imagine I might be able to rustle up an Ork player or two an all.

  2. Ok Mate so let's discount 14th-16th just because I really would love the fact of you being there. Would the first set of date's be good for you or do I need to go back to the drawing board. The only other option is we do this in October November. Or delay totally until I know when my Summer leave is.


  3. Sorry I've been a little out of the contributing loop, been a busy couple of weeks!

    Im sure I could make either weekend work, I'll pull sickies if needed to make it to this potentially monumental event!

    Its about time I gave you guys my two cents on this whole endeavour...

    I like all the fluff flying around so far, I think we are most definitely on the right tracks, I'm particularly fond of the 'Pacification of Montar' it's got a good ring to it. Getting WW & GW onboard could be a real coup, when I emailed them after the posting of my guys on GW website they mentioned a strong desire to have a big Praetorian battle. It will get some good coverage and could well aid the eventual goal of having Praetorians in the next IG codex (imagine having new miniatures...) and putting them back on the map.

    It needs to be a new battle (when in the timeline doesnt matter), GW seem to enjoy battles which havent been fought before so the outcome is unknown. Now I know we are all looking forward to a pith helmeted imperial romp where we crush the ork horde, as great as that is for us think of the ork players. It needs to be a massive apocalypse battle featuring the emperors finest (no not space Marines) in all of their dress uniform glory, a huge ork horde, but also it needs to be a fight the orks also have a chance of winning. If not who would want to be on the ork side? 40k is a game with two sides and the best games are those with great armies and great players. We dont want the orks to be cannon fodder we want a vicious sneaky savage horde of the green skins, for this we need some great ork players (in particular a kult of speed and snakebites), can you imagine the duel between the kult of speed and our armoured formations, the charge of the rough riders into the snakebite boar boyz, the advance of the orkz into our massed firing lines, epic.

    There must be some great ork players out there we can attract, Im sure they must have enjoyed big toof river and glazers creek just as much as us.

    With regards to the involvement of the 4th Mechanised Infantry, I reckon as I will have plenty of time to prepare I will be able to field a large mechanised formation 10 (i'll have to get painting!) chimera full of infantry + support tanks and almost certainly a stormlord

    Im sure WW will be able to sort us out with some suitably amazing gaming boards given enough time etc. it is sure to be an immense battle .

    1. The earlier date is fine with me I think.

      Colonel Winterborne, fully agree with all your points.

      As for what I could bring along, you know me, slow as hell when it comes to painting, but I'm making a concerted effort on the infantry at the momeny so I'd hope for four or five Platoons, and I'd like to think I could get the Leviathan finished no later then the summer, it only needs rivets before I paint the thing now.

  4. Colonel Winterborne: Thats alright mate we all have busy period's. But I am liking your thinking plus I think WW would be more helpfull. Also like you I feel it's about time that the mighty Praetorian's were seen again in the Codex, so here is what I am thinking. If Col Garvis would be game to write some fluff, why don't we have a mass invasion of Ork's on the home planet of Praetoria. It's something that has not been done and it make's both side's equal so it's all to play for. Also it would be easier for WW ref table's, but also if we loose it leave's an opening for a sequle. What you think guy's?

  5. Winterborne brings up some fair points there.

    "Home world of Praetoria over run by orks". Lol! The irony in losing would be very amusing.

    It's probably worth considering other alien races if you are going for something new. Dark elder, Tau, Necron, Daemons would all be interesting and something completely different. Also won't one of the next codices be chaos? So that will be the fad army. Of course there will always be the traditional appeal of the Orks especially since Imperial Glory! So yeah, I'm just bringing it up as something to consider.

    As for dates I don't want to have too much influence as it's probably the case that Malkavschilde and I are wild cards in this equation. That being said, can I through early January into the mixing pot or are guys pretty set with the 7th to the 9th of December?

    Leviathan, YES! I was hoping you would get that bad boy out Gravis!

    If I do make it I'll bring a Praetorian contingent of 45 rough riders, 25 praetorian storm troopers, and a platoon worth of redcoats. Then I'll through in what I have painted in blue coats which will probably be around one to two hundred men on foot. They could be PDF or just a non-red coat regiment. For me there will be no armour as they will take up too much room in the luggage. ;)

  6. Col. Ackland: Good point mate I totally forgot all about January, give me a date you think will work for you and I will offer it out to everyone as a choice. Please don't consider yourself as wild card's as I will do my best to accommodate you guy's, as it will be great to see you and your Armies.

  7. I'd be more then happy to do a bit of writing. I do think the old foe is the best myself, but others are an option, a Tyranid splinter fleet from Leviathan is IIRC supposed to be active in Segmentum Tempestus, and Necrons are waking up everywhere one defianate to keep in mind is the Dark Eldar though they are be active in the vicinity of Baka (having destroyed Imperial Navy moorings at the Segmentum Fortress there), and Praetoria is nted as being close to this. I don't recal there being any particular Craftworld Eldar presense, or Chaos being prevaliant in Tempestus though.

    I'd be very tempted to avoid anything other then a raid on Praetoria though (which would mean DE) - we don't wanna shoot ourselves in the foot too much in the event of losing the game!

  8. I don't think we need to go as far as an invasion of Praetoria, the previous scenario worked well as it is a new battle (in so far that it hasn't been fought before, the time line with the rest of 40k I'd less important). I'm looking forward to converting a special character or two for this game and maybe even some blood axe orks!

  9. In my opinion it has to be orks and what with all the nostalgia relating to big toof river etc its popularity will be ensured.

  10. Then lets stick with that reciepe - will have a think and scribble some stuff down.

    Regarding the hunt for Big Toof River, I've tracked down the name of an individual and his local club (which happens to be very welcome to me) who's father I believe has the board up in Nottingham. I'm trying to get hold of him through his club committee, but if I don't have any joy I'll see if I can't make a trip down to the club (South Devon Gaming Club).

  11. Those are some connections you have! Good luck in the hunt!

  12. Col Winterborne: I agree it has to be Ork's and I think it will give us the best exposure at Warhammer World. Also I think we should go back to Col Garvis idea especially if he is sucessful in finding part of the original board.

    JJust to let you know as well guy's I am waiting for Col Ackland to get back to me with a date he would be able to do. I think it would be great if we can get him on board as well.

  13. Yeah I'm still here! sorry- that whole time zone thing! So we still have 7th-9th Dec on the board, how about 11th-13th Jan or 18th -20th of January as options? I'm guessing the first week would be out (with the new year festivities) and later in January I guess people will be getting back to work, so these are the two mid-January weekends.

    I'm happy to go with Orks. It really does have the right feel.

    One last thing, can we try and contact the other praetorian bloggers? It seems the majority haven't been blogging for a bit, but might still be keen to join in on this.
    Shaman from Spain has a beautiful 8th Praetorian that I would love to see. Mk6marine's 21st is mostly starting out but by dec-jan might be in.
    Col. Thorne has some cool stuff in his 22nd Praetorian but he is in the US too.
    Then there is Crosser Modelling's 12th and Sovietspace’s 5th. Capt. Falke 93rd from Germany and Extrac32’s 124th who I only just realised was another Aussy.
    But yeah, as you know there are loads of others too.