Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Ball Is Rolling

A couple of day's ago a few of my fellow Praetorian Bloggers planted a seed in my head by suggesting that when I get back from Afghanistan we do a huge Apocalypse game. The only thing being is that we use for the good side Praetorians only.

So to that end I have contacted the Whats New Today crew to see if they can help. The reply I got back was they are not sure how they can help, but they will talk to a few people and see what they can do. But they really like the idea as well, what I have suggested is that we could re-fight the battle of Big Toof River or Rorke's Drift. The only problem is that I can see at the moment is finding people with enough Ork's, but I am hoping this is maybe were Warhammer World will be able to help.

So I have been thinking about some dates and if we would do this as a one day thing or a weekend. Now I like the idea of a whole weekend due to the fact you don't have to set off stupid O Clock and leave stupid O Clock. Now if we do a weekend we could arrive Friday night say 8pm set up and get our heads down for the night at a hotel that's 5min's away. Now what I am thinking is I get back from Afghan mid October and go on leave soon after. Now my birthday is in November so I was thinking we could do 1st & 2nd of December as that is the weekend closest to my birthday. The only other time I can think of is January at some point. But this is were you guy's come in. I could really do with your help and decide when would be a good time to do it, and if you would want it to be a weekend or night.


  1. My 2 cents is for December or January.

    I'm going to Ireland this April so coming up with the money to make it out to England will be a major hurdle for me.

    that being said I think it would amazing to play in this event and meet all my Praetorian brothers in arms!

  2. A weekend would be mighty fine it has to be said, also makes the trip that much more worthwhile for those of us who have to come that bit further.

  3. I was thinking more a weekend, when I did the big game at Warhammer World in January it just felt so right doing it over the weekend. You did not have to rush the game and if you wanted you could drink some beer to. Now depending on how many go we could do a car sharing type thing, plus I'm hoping to get a new car when I return from Afghan. So if anybody lives on the way up to Nottingham or is willing to get to Oxford then I could take them the rest of the way. But that is the finer point's.

  4. Dave this sounds great, and whenever you do it I will be there with whatever I manage to get painted in the time. But by December I would hope to have a fair few troops done. But weekend is probably better for travellers.

    Might I suggest rather than a re-enactment of either scenario what about something based on the next (and arguably decisive) battle of the war, Khambula. there is a good description here:
    I think it would make a good background scenario with the Praetorians smarting from the defeat of Big Toof River, Morale low and unaware of the victory at Glazers Farm, taking the fight to the Orks and winning a decisive victory! There was also cavalry involved which is an excuse for some of the great Rough Riders on here to get some exposure. Need a name for the battle though...

  5. Buffer: I have just had a look at the link and I like what I have seen. It's like a Roke's Drift but on a huge scale, which is good plus I like the idea behind your army with the story. I think we may be onto something here. I agree the name will have to be changed, and if I can find the history behind Big Toof River again I might find something in there to use. So thanks mate and leave it with me and I will see what I can come up with. Also I have put a message on my Facebook to see if I can get any of my other gameing friends to join in.

  6. It would fit, the only established background for the eventual retaking of Montar has a newly raised 24th Praetorian leading the way, so Praetorian regiments are in there.

  7. This sounds epic. Whenever is fine for me, I'm sure I can fit in a weekend December/November, also lift sharing (I'm Dorset, others are also down South) sounds nice.

    Fighting a new battle sounds good, and one where we have a glorious victory to boot! I reckon I could muster 3k of the 4th Mechanised for such an event. Imagine the cavalry charge...

    I must say the picture in Commissar Daves link with the soldier wearing blue jacket and brown trousers looks brilliant. I like that as a paint scheme...

  8. ok so I've got to check, assuming for a minute that I can scratch up enough for a ticket to begin with, would someone be willing to pick me up at east midlands airport?

    Also possible sleep on the floor of their hotel? don't mean to come across as a charity case but it's likely going to cost me near a months pay to fly out.

  9. So would some blue coated Praetorian allies be welcome?
    Hmm, I could have all 45 of my cavalry finished by then! :D

    A new big battle is a must! And a Khambula derivative is perfect (good one Buffer). But if I may suggest something else, what about March 2013?

    Firstly, the battle took place in March (small detail).
    Secondly, I heard the weather in the UK in December is a bit crappy (not a big one for you guys, but it is an African style battle).
    Thirdly and more importantly, March 2013 is a full year away. This gives lots of time to talk it up, track down Praetorian armies and get people involved. Let's face it, we want this to be pretty big and if we can get it to a critical size it will start snowballing into something awesome. I'm totally going to email Vic Lamb and do what I can to convince her to come. Think about it: Vic’s, Gravis', Winterborne's etc etc all side by side. It’s enough to make you pop. Maybe even the white dwarf dudes might wanna stop by and take a pic. Well I'm just saying it could happen.

    Don't get me wrong; whenever you dudes decide to have this I will do my best to get there. Just now I mentioned to the wife "You know how I promised to eventually take you to Europe... Well a big 40k Praetorian battle seems a good reason to finally come good on that promise". She was grumpy for a second, but then the prospect of a trip to Europe cheered her up!

    Of course you could just aim smaller and go with the local chaps?

  10. Hi everyone and thanks for your input so far. Now I have had a look at my dates again so that I can try and acommodate our oversea's brothers. Now I like the idea of March Col Ackland but I think it might be a no go. The reason for this is with the amount of leave I will have to take when I get back from Afgahn I won't be able to take any more.

    What I am trying to do is organise this so it fall's into one of my leave periods so I will give you my rough leave date's as it stands at the moment. Please bear in mind as these will be subject to change due to a whole plether of thing's. If they do change I will get the message out to you guy's by the means of my wife who will have access to my Blog. So the leave date's as they stand are:

    1) 13 Oct to 5 Nov (Not desirable as I will have just returned and would want to spend time with family, also I feel it would be hard for our oversea's friends as they have other commitments then).

    2) 01 Dec to 31 Jan (More desirable for me plus I have added some extra leave onto this as we are meant to be back at work on the 9 Jan. But I feel this gives everyone more time to paint figures and get there army ready, plus it is farily quite at Warhammer World as in regards to comp's. The only problem with these dates is the fact it is over the Christmas period or very soon after, and most people are a little low on the old funds).

    Malkavschilde: I have no probs in picking you up from the Airport, and all the room's we had at the hotel were two single beds per room so I don't think there would be a drama there. But when we have got a date sorted that everyone is happy with I'm sure amongst us all we can sort something out.

    Col Ackland: If you and I were not already married, I would marry you. I love your thinking and your comment is much appreciated. It would be great if we could get Victoria Lamb on board, but if memories serves me right I don't think she play's she just enjoy's playing. But if she would be willing to loan us her army then that would be awsome.

    So there you have it guy's your input would be great on this. I know the date's are not great but I don't have the freedom with my leave next year as I normaly would.

  11. Mirage proposal accepted.
    yeah your right about Victoria but she may be inclined to lend some sort of support our way considering that this is part of her niche model audience -she seems pretty nice so it can't hurt to ask if she would like to be involved in some way.
    So, Christmas in the UK... I hadn't considered that that might be an easier sell from my prospective. wow, this is so crazy that it might actually work!

    At this point its probably worth mentioning that I do have a box tucked away of red coated praetorians and lascannons with wagon style wheels. I had put them aside because I knew that eventually I would do at least a few 'red coats'. Maybe its time I dusted them off too.

  12. Well can't help you with either Praetorians or Orks, but just want to point out, dear Commissar, that you are already participating in a big Apocalypse game at Warhammer World in January… So December might be a better choice. Just saying'…

  13. Fikster: Don't you worry about that there is alway's room for me to blast your Necrons. But we have not decided on a date yet. Also I thought Ed was going to do it around March time due to the fact of the amount of people he had drop out.

  14. Just got work from the Main Man - it will likely be February when I will next ensure that all that is left of your army is a few greasy puddles and lots of craters.