Friday, 2 March 2012

The Ball is Rolling Fluff.

Now after Col Ackland given me a link to a battle that happened during the Zulu Wars, and me coming across something that I printed some time ago. I think I have come up with a good bit of fluff for what could be a fantastic battle. What I will do is write below exactly how it's written, let you guy's have read and let me know what you think. Plus when I get a bit of time I can tweak the Regiments involved so that it works for us. So here it is:

When the 24th and 13th were deployed in the reconquest of Montaur VII, the Black Guard was sent in to retake Glazer's Creek; the site of a small victory in the final battle of Montar. The 13th mounted a full assault on the small Ork garrison. Disorganised and leaderless, the Orks stood no chance against the 13th's righteous fury.

The Black Guard soon set up a firebase and prepared for a counter-attack. While the main force lead by the 24th sack the central Ork village, the 13th prepared to be the anvil to crush the Orks upon. Driven towards the creek by Imperial forces, the Orks fought a fighting retreat. Lord Sherdan allowed the Imperial Guard to drive the Orks towards the Imperial outpost by the creek. The Orks couldn't let such a sweet target escape them: more, battle, more blood, more WAAAAAGGGHHH!!! The Orks amassed in a valley that ran beside the creek, divided by a low rise.

The Orks rushed over the hill screaming in their foul Orkish tongue. The first thing to surprise them was the heavy barrage of artillery. Still they kept coming, wanting to destroy the base and all the guardsmen there. A Speed Kult led the assault on the firebase, and soon they were working their way into the creek valley. At the same time from behind, an Imperial air strike forced the rear elements of the Ork Warband onwards into the Praetorian guns. Pressed into a box, the Orks fought onto the death.

The final element of the plan came into play when the 24th Praetorian led the counter-attack on the Ork remains from behind, while the 13th held them off. As the Orks were about to reach the firebase, the 13th's armour battalion rushed forward to challenge the Ork Speed Kult, and closed the trap. The Orks were smashed between the 24th's hammer and the 13th's anvil. This would finish the Orks dominion of Montar VII. Following this victory all that was left to do was to clean up the last remains of the Ork Waaagh!. The 13th was given this mission which took a few months to accomplish.

So there you have it guy's something we could really get to work. The two regiments named here we can change to our own. The only drama being mine as it is not a regiment but a Company, but I have made reference in my history going to support the 24th. Also the we can use the Rough Rider's we have in the armoured Battalion that is mentioned above.

Give me your thoughts guy's as to what you think, and if we can all decide on this then that's one less hurdle to jump. Also guy's we really do need to decide on a date as this will help massively but I am conscious of our fellow overseas friends when it is the cheapest and easiest time to come across.


  1. That piece of background is familiar, I think it may the IG forum moderator on 40k online? I seem to remember he runs the 13th Praetorian 'Black Guard'.

    Also I was turning over the theme of the battle in my head Khambula is an interesting idea, but it takes place at around the same phase if you will as Isandlwana. By comparison in the Montar campaign in that phase there are no other Imperial forces per se according to the written background.

    As an alternative how about something akin to Ulundi? The 'phase' there would be the eventual Imperial campaign to reclaim Montar from the Orks, justifying a whole host of new Praetorian regiments being involved without shaking the existing background which indicates only the 24th as being present. Themeatically it could be a good mission as well. The Praetorian army in the center, formed into a square as they have been cautiously advancing, surrounded by Orks who finally launch an attack from all sides. Again it features Cavalry and Artillery.

  2. The Pacification of Montar VII

    At the last it came to the re-conquest of Montar VII, the very first world conqueror by Warlord Bulgarg, and the site of the Imperial defeat at Big Toof River. Lord Sherdan himself led this final phase of the campaign, and though Warlord Bulgarg himself had by now vanished, the world still teamed with Orks.

    The landing upon the dusty world of Montar was initially unopposed, but as Sherdan’s command advanced Ork opposition began to stiffen. Increasingly contact was made on all sides, especially during the hours of night. Thus Sherdan drew his forces into a hollow square formation as they advanced, until finally assuming a defensive position upon the high ground which overlooked the largest ork settlement, and the original battlefield of Big Toof River. Only then did the Orks, by now surrounding the Imperial Guard force finally oblige. They charged forward in a seething green mass which stretched across the horizon, as the deciding battle of the campaign was joined.

  3. I hereby beseech the Holy Emperor of the Imperium Hominis and His High Lords of Terra to consider the noble Col. Gravis of the 4th Praetorian regiment of the Imperial Guard, for the conferral of a PhD -honoris causa- in Praetorian military history.

  4. (Commissar Dave, the link came from Buffer- I was just really enthusiastic about it!)

    I like your thinking Col.Gravis. But the original battlefield of Big Toof River? why specify that? I mean its not like we are going to be able to use the Big Toof River board.

  5. Or could we? Warhammer World would have the table stored away somewhere. But here is another question; will it be covered in models? In my white dwarf (issue 218) all the models are clearly on bases and so are removable. But the photos on the stuff of legends ( have the models not on bases, presumably glued to the table. hmm

  6. Col Gravis: I like it I like it alot, and I think we could put some kind of spin on this. I can't remember were I came across this bit of fluff as it was a couple of years ago.

    Col Ackland: I can remember seeing some where that someone had approached GW ref the display for Big Toof River. The reply he got back was that the board had been broken up and used on other thing's, and over time the model's that were not wanted back were given away.

  7. The table was disposed of by GW yes, with many of the conversions like the Hydras going back to their creators. That said, a friend of a friend rescued a number of bits from the GW mega displays of old. I'm struggling to remember at the moment what that included, I'm pretty sure the Siege of the Emperor's palace was largely recovered, but I've got it in the back of my head elements of Big Toof River do infact survive, will have a word next time I see him.

    To clarify, I dont mean to specify the battle takes place on the same battlefield, rather that it overlooks it, on the high ground above. That adds a bit of continuity, and leaves no doubt as to what it is we're about.

    That said, its worth noting Ullundi did'nt overlook Isandlwana or Rourke's Drift (though there was a return to the former battlefield to bury the British dead by the by the main British force as the first act of the renewed British advance into Zulu territory). However that battle was on the high ground above the major Zulu settlement of Ulundi (hence the name of the battle), and it strikes me that the first large ork settlement would be the same one as at the sight of Big Toof River.

    Here's the source of your background text btw,;sa=view;article=803

  8. Further to my previous post, yes I was right about some bits of Big Toof River board being saved, at least upto 2009. I'm gonna see if I can't track them down and what if anything has survived upto this point - never know, maybe the Ork fortress is still about.