Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two New Objective Markers Complete

The first of my objective markers are now complete and based, and I must admit I am really really pleased with them and I think they will look awesome on the battlefield. The third one will be finished in a couple of day's or so.

So to the first one which I must say is my favourite. The helmet was painted the same way as I do the rest of my army and was given a coat of green on the inside of the helmet. But the thing that  I am really pleased with and feel has tied the whole model together is the wooden ammo boxes. To be honest I find painting wood really hard, as I find it difficult to make the wood look real. But I feel like I have pulled it off this time. So how did I do it? Well I gave it a coat of white over the black under coat, which was then given a coat of Scorched Brown and a watered down coat of Bestial Brown. I then gave them a wash with Brown Ink, once dried a highlight with Bestial Brown again and a final highlight with Snakebite leather. The locks and banding wires were done with Chainmail, and highlighted with Mithrial Silver. The model was then finished off by doing my base in the same style as the rest of my army.

Nothing on the second model was changed I have just done the base so that the model is now complete. I know it was commented on that the spear looked a little to big, and it does in a way. But I want it to look like the poor bloke has taken on an Ork and lossed.

So like I said the third will be done in the couple of day's. But the last two will not be done as I have had a change of heart, plus I felt that having the same sort of thing again would not look good. So what I am going to do is have once base with a set of Company Colours that have fallen in battle, which will look quite cool I think. The last base will have a load of store's on it that has been left behind enemy lines.

The two that will not be done is the bottom base and the second one in from the left.

There you have it, that's what I have done and going to do so far. As always any comments are appreciated and thanks for looking.

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  1. Dave, once again really like these, think you've done a really good job and I like how you have done the wooden crates, thanks for the tip! I think your definitely right more of the same would have made them less interesting, but I'm very interested to see your fallen colour idea as i think it is a perfect objective for Praetorians. Thanks for your comments on my colour scheme, it made me go back and try a red and green set of cuffs and i have added that pic to the post. like you said I think red will be a good artillery scheme with maybe red epaulletes for those guys as well.