Monday, 6 February 2012

Sentinel Update

Hi folk's sorry for the lack of hobby recently, but due to me deploying very soon to Afghanistan for my six month stint of duty I have been spending as much time as I can with friends and family. So the hobby has taken a little hit of late.

But as I am on leave for a week I thought I would finish off my command sentinel. I also have to admit that this is the worst fitting model I have ever had from GW it is as if the metal part's shrunk because no matter what I do they just don't fit nicely onto the plastic body. But as it is only for gaming I'm not to fussed.

I finished the top half of the interior off which is all metal the same way as I did the bottom. But this time I thinned my paint's down alot and got the effect nearly right, bit more practise and I think I will have it spot on.

The crewman was painted the same way as I do my normal troops. The conversion was really simple by just using the top half off the heavy weapons team, and cutting the legs off the normal guy you get in the kit. The display was cut away very carefully from the hand it was attached to glued into place then painted.

So there you have it a couple of hours work whilst watching Lord of the Ring's. Tomorrow I will do the outside of the hull and possibly the autocannon to, but I will see as I have other stuff to do as well.

Till next time have fun.


  1. Looking good, how many sentinels are you going to field in your army? and autocannon is a good choice, lascannons are realy a bit useless with BS3

  2. I'm just doing the one squadron of three at the moment, as I only have the spare Praetorian body's for that many at the moment. But I may invest in a few more at a later date.

    But I am toying with the idea of doing a platoon worth of Praetorian Rough Rider's using Victoria Lambs models which would work out at 35 model's. But still thinking about it at the mo.

  3. Mmm, a platoon of rough riders that would be a most for any apocalypse game! 70 I5 S5 power weapon attacks on the charge!

  4. That's why I am thinking of doing it. Just got tired with Terminator's dropping in and chewing up my armour, time for pay pack I thinks.