Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Objective Markers.

Some time ago I received some wounded Praetorians which I decided I would use as a objective markers. So they were glued to their bases and base coated. But I did not do anything else with them, they were put in my display cabinet in the to do pile whilst I moved onto other things. Well after painting the ship for Dystopian Wars and having a look at what else to paint, I saw these and thought I will get on and do these guy's.

So I have started with three of them first so that I can spend a little bit more time on them as I want them to look really good as they are objectives. The other two will be done at some point, which I don't think will be long as these have not taken that long. So far I have painted the same as the rest of my army but with a little more highlighting.

When they are all done they will replace the ones I did for Blog Wars Two, which look good but I just want something a little different.

Anyway there you have it, and you guy's are so lucky with three post's today. Hopefully I will be able to take a bit more leave from work so that I can do some more painting, as well as pack before I deploy. Don't worry I will let you all know when I am going but let me just say it's not long before I do.

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