Monday, 27 February 2012

New Objective Marker's Update

Hi Folks, well with an early finish from work and a bit more well deserved leave, I decide to pick up my paint brush and do a bit more. Needless to say I have completed the wounded guy's.

Now I had a look on goggle to see what other people had done with their Praetorian's and needless to say they were not that good, and very bland with no creativity. So I decided to do something different. The first one which is kind of sitting up holding his leg was a easy one to do, as I decided to just add blood on his hands and his trousers. The blood for all of them was done by doing a white base coat followed by Scab Red, highlighted with Blood Red, given a wash with Red Ink and given a coat of Gloss Varnish.

The second model had a bullet hole done to him, this was done the normal way by drilling a hole then cutting little bit's away from the edges. This was also painted the same way as above. His skin was made to look a little pale to resemble the fact that he was now dead.

The third one I thought I would have a little fun with by making it look as if he had been speared. I made the spear look a little bit big as if it had been wielded by a Feral Ork. Again the skin and blood was done the same as the second, I also thought it would look good with some blood coming from the mouth.

Hopefully I will move onto the other bit's on the bases tomorrow and get them finished to start and bring the model's together. I would appreciate any comments you have if you think they look realistic or not, because at the moment I'm not sure. But I guess when I have a look tomorrow I might decide differently.


  1. These are cool as, but maybe that spear is a bit big. ;)

  2. Really like these Dave, its a great idea and I will have to do some!