Sunday, 26 February 2012

Need Your Opinion

This is a one off because it is not 40k, GW, or Praetorian related at all. I have recently been playing around with different games, not because I am bored with GW or my army. It's just that I can't get  a game every week and plus I find that a little break from painting 40k helps me to do more in the long run and not get bored.

So I game along this game called Dystopian Wars that set as a kind of futuristic Victorian age game that is land based and sea based. But the thing that has attracted me to it is for the fact you can spend £50 and have a fleet or army and rule book and play a game straight away of some considerable size. Anyway after finishing my Command Sentinel I thought I would paint one of the ship's I have got to see what it would look like, while I think what I am going to paint next.

I don't want my fleet to look like some of the stuff I have seen painted, I just want it to look good and simple. So I have gone with an all metal hull and dark brown decks. This was done by first of all giving it a black undercoat then dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal, then highlighted with Chainmail, and Mithril Silver. The end of the guns were dry brushed with Chaos Black to give the soot build up. The decking was painted with Snakebite Leather and given a wash with Brown Ink. Finally the smoke stacks were given a Tin Bitz dry brush, followed by a dry brush with dwarf Bronze and a highlight with Shining Gold, the soot build up was also done with Chaos Black.

This is the other model's that I have seen painted, which can be found using Goggle.

So there you have it the finished product apart from the gun's which will be done when the rest of the fleet is complete. But I would like your opinion guy's if you think it looks good and if you would change anything what would you change. Thanks for looking and like I said this is a one off.


  1. Looks great to me mate, the only thing I would say is apart from the soot its got a bit of a straight out of the dock look to it. If that's what you want great, but if not maybe a bit of rust streaking in places?

  2. looking good so far!

    I like the contrast you have acheived on the decking.
    you might consider using gryphonne sepia wash very lightly along the rivets to give it a bit of weathering as per Buffers suggestion but otherwise fantastic!

    I am looking forward to painting up my Prussian fleet.