Friday, 24 February 2012

Command Sentinel Finished

Well you will all be glad to know that on Wednesday I got a phone call saying I was no longer required on exercise, but I did have to go into work these last few day's and I have been quite busy. But with an early finish today I decided to pick up a paint brush and get the Sentinel finished.

Before I went away there really was not that much left to do on it, but the two bit's I wanted to get right and look good were the smoke stack's and the mud around the feet. Now that it is done I think it has turned out really well and I am happy with it. All that it needs now is the command transfer putting on it and weathering, but that can be done at a much later date.

Anyway here are the pic's and as always your comment's are appreciated. Also this is my 100th post which I think is quite good for a blog that has only been up and running for a year now. So thanks to everyone that has had a look, follows, and has left comment's.


  1. somehow I imagine the driver with a cup of tea...

  2. Awesome! Love the weathering, the color scheme is beautiful. It really has a great sense of motion as well! Keep up the great work!