Wednesday, 1 February 2012

After A Little Break I'm Back

Hi folks, as the title suggests I am back. I have not no hobby apart from a 40K game last Friday since Warhammer World. For everyone that has looked at what happened that weekend, and left comment's I thank you it really was a truly epic weekend. But I have not done much as last weekend when I do most of my painting was used to celebrate my wife's birthday, and our 6th year of marriage. So I hope you understand that I did not do anything as it was a little bit inappropriate.

So tonight I picked up my paint brush again and went to work on the last servitor, which I thought would be an absolute nightmare to paint but it's not. I have gone with a red hull with the normal weathering that I do, and a metal dry brush on the engine bay and tracks. There is still a little way to go yet as I have still got the oil staine's, finish the engine cover, exhaust stack, and apply the weathering powder for the mud. But once done and based I think it will look really cool.

I did receive yesterday from e-bay an awesome deal at £25 four Ogryns and a Commissar. They are the old classic style but I don't mind as I would be a fool to let them go. I never really wanted to get any for my army as I felt they would not fit in with my theme. But in these last few months and seeing them in action and how effective they are, especially when led with Yarrick. So I decided to make the plunge and get some, I just need to buy myself another Chimera to transport them in now, and also get them painted.

Colonel Winterborne I have been following your progress of late, and your tank's and Salamander are looking great. I love the weathering you have done and the colour scheme, keep up the great work mate. Also I have found the rules for your salamander to be used as a spotter. If you have a Apocalypse rule book from GW you will find the rules on page 109.

Well that's it for now guy's and as always your comments are appreciated. 

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