Sunday, 26 February 2012

1 Year & 100+ Posts.

So it's been just a little over a year and 100+ posts which I think is quite something. Also I have 52 followers and over 6000 hits which again I think is great, so thanks everyone. I thought I would do this post and have a look at what I have completed this year in regards to my Praetorians, and a couple of little extra things.

I started this Blog to help me in painting more and building my army as I had far to much stuff sitting in boxes and not being completed. So has the Blog helped? Yes it has in many different way's.

1) I have met and read many other Blog's that have inspired me to try different thing's.
2) I have come across other fellow Praetorian Hobbyists. ( I must admit the quality of model's I have seen for out does mine).
3) I have painted far more than I would normally have done, and this is due to the fact I want to keep you guy's abreast of what I was doing.

So let's have a look at what I have done this year:-

1) This was at the very start when I did a shot of my army as it was.

2) My Army Commander converted from the Death Korps of Krieg. I really enjoyed painting this model and converting, so much so I entered it into Golden Daemon but sadly it did not doing very well.

3) My first completed model's for my Blog, which turned out really well and get plenty of people looking at them because of the weapons.

 4) My Command Chimera which again was a joy to work on, and won me second at the Colour's show at the Newbury Race Course.

5) This was an absolute joy to work on and loved every moment of it. I also felt at this point my vehicle painting had come on leaps and bounds. It has also gathered loads of interest at Apocalypse games.
 6) This was done for a friend for a Apocalypse game, and he really loves this model and was very grateful.

7) Some time after doing my Commander I thought I would give him a command squad to complement him. This was done at the point of me feeling my conversion skill's were good enough and painting skill on model's as well. I was really happy with the banner as I made this out of green stuff, and was also my first attempt.

8) I increased the amount of Chimera's I had by painting this one for one of my Veteran squads. The turret I used was purchased off a friend of mine which I think looks really cool as a Autocannon.

9) My updated tester Yarrick to replace the one I had when the new metal Yarrick first came out.

10) These guy's were painted to replace the banner guy's I had in some of the squads. I did this because the banner's did not sit right in the normal squads. (The platoon banners will be replaced with banners made out of green stuff at some point).

 11) I had already painted this tank before I started the Blog, but because I had done the weathering on all my new tanks, I did so with this to bring it in line with all the others. Also it was done for the Blog Wars Competition I entered.

12) This is the same story as above.

13) Again these were done before Blog Wars, but there are new ones on the way so keep your eyes peeled.

14) The Servitors which were recently done and look really nice as a squad, and with the Techpriest.

15) My tank Servitor which I think looks really good and has gathered a lot of interest. The only problem was the fact the resin was of a really poor quality.

16) The last thing to be done in the year was is the Command Sentinel.

So I feel I have done quite well, because with this I have also played two huge Apocalypse games, taken part in a competition which I came last in, plus a few games at my club as well. Also I have spent the last six months prepping for Afghanistan as well.

So there you have it everything I have done in the last year. I have really enjoyed what I have done and will at some point do some new pictures of my whole army as it stands. But for everyone that has looked, follows, and has left comment's. THANKS because with out you guy's I would have not done all this, and I look forward to your continued support.

Commissar Dave.


  1. Well done mate. A good blogging achievement and an army to be very proud of! Its a pleasure to read about your army.

    I would love to see this army in the flesh. When you get back from Afghanistan we should sort out a big Praetorian apocalypse game, with another Praetorian player or two Im sure 10k Praetorians isnt out of the question!

  2. Cheers Dave, your blog is a great read and good inspiration. I love your army, especially the vehicles. Once again take care while your away, look forward to seeing what you do to your lads when you get back. Just so you know Col Winterborne, Dave, you can count me in, 6 months is a good amount of time to get my army in order and gives me something to aim for. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I have put up a response and would always appreciate more comment as it helps out massively.

  3. Thanks guy's. I'm defintley up for that and it would be cool if we could do the battle for Big Toof River against the Ork's, or even better a huge battle for Rokes Drift and Have to defend off thousands and thousands of orks.

    We would have put some feelers out to see who's up for it, and were would we play it. If we are doing just a Praetorian side it would have to be Warhammer World just for the fact it would be a site worth seeing. I will speak to the Whats New Today gang and see if they would be willing to help. Let us know if that sounds good and if it could be done.

  4. Thank you Commissar! I have really enjoyed your blog and your advice on my mini's over the last 6 mouths that I have been following. Your army has progressed amazingly well! I have something to aim for when I get back to my modelling desk.

    hmmm a big Praetorian game in 6 months hey....
    In September I maybe making it over to France for a conference. oooo! The UK would be just a short flight away! Unfortunately I don't know for certain what is happening yet, so I'll just wait and see.

  5. Strong Work Commissar!
    You have a fantastic blog and I look forward to new posts!
    your tanks especially look fantastic with the amount of detail you put into the weathering.

    6 months eh? I somehow don't think I'll be able to afford to make it out that direction twice this year but who knows? I'd love to be part of such a meeting of the sons of Praetoria!


  6. All I can say guy's is thanks. It's because of people like you that make me want to do more and more with my army and the hobby. Again thanks.