Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two New Objective Markers Complete

The first of my objective markers are now complete and based, and I must admit I am really really pleased with them and I think they will look awesome on the battlefield. The third one will be finished in a couple of day's or so.

So to the first one which I must say is my favourite. The helmet was painted the same way as I do the rest of my army and was given a coat of green on the inside of the helmet. But the thing that  I am really pleased with and feel has tied the whole model together is the wooden ammo boxes. To be honest I find painting wood really hard, as I find it difficult to make the wood look real. But I feel like I have pulled it off this time. So how did I do it? Well I gave it a coat of white over the black under coat, which was then given a coat of Scorched Brown and a watered down coat of Bestial Brown. I then gave them a wash with Brown Ink, once dried a highlight with Bestial Brown again and a final highlight with Snakebite leather. The locks and banding wires were done with Chainmail, and highlighted with Mithrial Silver. The model was then finished off by doing my base in the same style as the rest of my army.

Nothing on the second model was changed I have just done the base so that the model is now complete. I know it was commented on that the spear looked a little to big, and it does in a way. But I want it to look like the poor bloke has taken on an Ork and lossed.

So like I said the third will be done in the couple of day's. But the last two will not be done as I have had a change of heart, plus I felt that having the same sort of thing again would not look good. So what I am going to do is have once base with a set of Company Colours that have fallen in battle, which will look quite cool I think. The last base will have a load of store's on it that has been left behind enemy lines.

The two that will not be done is the bottom base and the second one in from the left.

There you have it, that's what I have done and going to do so far. As always any comments are appreciated and thanks for looking.

Monday, 27 February 2012

New Objective Marker's Update

Hi Folks, well with an early finish from work and a bit more well deserved leave, I decide to pick up my paint brush and do a bit more. Needless to say I have completed the wounded guy's.

Now I had a look on goggle to see what other people had done with their Praetorian's and needless to say they were not that good, and very bland with no creativity. So I decided to do something different. The first one which is kind of sitting up holding his leg was a easy one to do, as I decided to just add blood on his hands and his trousers. The blood for all of them was done by doing a white base coat followed by Scab Red, highlighted with Blood Red, given a wash with Red Ink and given a coat of Gloss Varnish.

The second model had a bullet hole done to him, this was done the normal way by drilling a hole then cutting little bit's away from the edges. This was also painted the same way as above. His skin was made to look a little pale to resemble the fact that he was now dead.

The third one I thought I would have a little fun with by making it look as if he had been speared. I made the spear look a little bit big as if it had been wielded by a Feral Ork. Again the skin and blood was done the same as the second, I also thought it would look good with some blood coming from the mouth.

Hopefully I will move onto the other bit's on the bases tomorrow and get them finished to start and bring the model's together. I would appreciate any comments you have if you think they look realistic or not, because at the moment I'm not sure. But I guess when I have a look tomorrow I might decide differently.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Objective Markers.

Some time ago I received some wounded Praetorians which I decided I would use as a objective markers. So they were glued to their bases and base coated. But I did not do anything else with them, they were put in my display cabinet in the to do pile whilst I moved onto other things. Well after painting the ship for Dystopian Wars and having a look at what else to paint, I saw these and thought I will get on and do these guy's.

So I have started with three of them first so that I can spend a little bit more time on them as I want them to look really good as they are objectives. The other two will be done at some point, which I don't think will be long as these have not taken that long. So far I have painted the same as the rest of my army but with a little more highlighting.

When they are all done they will replace the ones I did for Blog Wars Two, which look good but I just want something a little different.

Anyway there you have it, and you guy's are so lucky with three post's today. Hopefully I will be able to take a bit more leave from work so that I can do some more painting, as well as pack before I deploy. Don't worry I will let you all know when I am going but let me just say it's not long before I do.

1 Year & 100+ Posts.

So it's been just a little over a year and 100+ posts which I think is quite something. Also I have 52 followers and over 6000 hits which again I think is great, so thanks everyone. I thought I would do this post and have a look at what I have completed this year in regards to my Praetorians, and a couple of little extra things.

I started this Blog to help me in painting more and building my army as I had far to much stuff sitting in boxes and not being completed. So has the Blog helped? Yes it has in many different way's.

1) I have met and read many other Blog's that have inspired me to try different thing's.
2) I have come across other fellow Praetorian Hobbyists. ( I must admit the quality of model's I have seen for out does mine).
3) I have painted far more than I would normally have done, and this is due to the fact I want to keep you guy's abreast of what I was doing.

So let's have a look at what I have done this year:-

1) This was at the very start when I did a shot of my army as it was.

2) My Army Commander converted from the Death Korps of Krieg. I really enjoyed painting this model and converting, so much so I entered it into Golden Daemon but sadly it did not doing very well.

3) My first completed model's for my Blog, which turned out really well and get plenty of people looking at them because of the weapons.

 4) My Command Chimera which again was a joy to work on, and won me second at the Colour's show at the Newbury Race Course.

5) This was an absolute joy to work on and loved every moment of it. I also felt at this point my vehicle painting had come on leaps and bounds. It has also gathered loads of interest at Apocalypse games.
 6) This was done for a friend for a Apocalypse game, and he really loves this model and was very grateful.

7) Some time after doing my Commander I thought I would give him a command squad to complement him. This was done at the point of me feeling my conversion skill's were good enough and painting skill on model's as well. I was really happy with the banner as I made this out of green stuff, and was also my first attempt.

8) I increased the amount of Chimera's I had by painting this one for one of my Veteran squads. The turret I used was purchased off a friend of mine which I think looks really cool as a Autocannon.

9) My updated tester Yarrick to replace the one I had when the new metal Yarrick first came out.

10) These guy's were painted to replace the banner guy's I had in some of the squads. I did this because the banner's did not sit right in the normal squads. (The platoon banners will be replaced with banners made out of green stuff at some point).

 11) I had already painted this tank before I started the Blog, but because I had done the weathering on all my new tanks, I did so with this to bring it in line with all the others. Also it was done for the Blog Wars Competition I entered.

12) This is the same story as above.

13) Again these were done before Blog Wars, but there are new ones on the way so keep your eyes peeled.

14) The Servitors which were recently done and look really nice as a squad, and with the Techpriest.

15) My tank Servitor which I think looks really good and has gathered a lot of interest. The only problem was the fact the resin was of a really poor quality.

16) The last thing to be done in the year was is the Command Sentinel.

So I feel I have done quite well, because with this I have also played two huge Apocalypse games, taken part in a competition which I came last in, plus a few games at my club as well. Also I have spent the last six months prepping for Afghanistan as well.

So there you have it everything I have done in the last year. I have really enjoyed what I have done and will at some point do some new pictures of my whole army as it stands. But for everyone that has looked, follows, and has left comment's. THANKS because with out you guy's I would have not done all this, and I look forward to your continued support.

Commissar Dave.

Need Your Opinion

This is a one off because it is not 40k, GW, or Praetorian related at all. I have recently been playing around with different games, not because I am bored with GW or my army. It's just that I can't get  a game every week and plus I find that a little break from painting 40k helps me to do more in the long run and not get bored.

So I game along this game called Dystopian Wars that set as a kind of futuristic Victorian age game that is land based and sea based. But the thing that has attracted me to it is for the fact you can spend £50 and have a fleet or army and rule book and play a game straight away of some considerable size. Anyway after finishing my Command Sentinel I thought I would paint one of the ship's I have got to see what it would look like, while I think what I am going to paint next.

I don't want my fleet to look like some of the stuff I have seen painted, I just want it to look good and simple. So I have gone with an all metal hull and dark brown decks. This was done by first of all giving it a black undercoat then dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal, then highlighted with Chainmail, and Mithril Silver. The end of the guns were dry brushed with Chaos Black to give the soot build up. The decking was painted with Snakebite Leather and given a wash with Brown Ink. Finally the smoke stacks were given a Tin Bitz dry brush, followed by a dry brush with dwarf Bronze and a highlight with Shining Gold, the soot build up was also done with Chaos Black.

This is the other model's that I have seen painted, which can be found using Goggle.

So there you have it the finished product apart from the gun's which will be done when the rest of the fleet is complete. But I would like your opinion guy's if you think it looks good and if you would change anything what would you change. Thanks for looking and like I said this is a one off.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Command Sentinel Finished

Well you will all be glad to know that on Wednesday I got a phone call saying I was no longer required on exercise, but I did have to go into work these last few day's and I have been quite busy. But with an early finish today I decided to pick up a paint brush and get the Sentinel finished.

Before I went away there really was not that much left to do on it, but the two bit's I wanted to get right and look good were the smoke stack's and the mud around the feet. Now that it is done I think it has turned out really well and I am happy with it. All that it needs now is the command transfer putting on it and weathering, but that can be done at a much later date.

Anyway here are the pic's and as always your comment's are appreciated. Also this is my 100th post which I think is quite good for a blog that has only been up and running for a year now. So thanks to everyone that has had a look, follows, and has left comment's.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hi Folks!

Hi everyone. I know it seems I have dropped off from the face of the world, and in a way I have. The reason is for the last week and a bit I have been on exercise ready for my deployment in a few weeks to Afghan. I was unable to let you guy's know because it was pretty much a last minute dot com thing, and in actual fact I am still on exercise. I have a couple of day's at home due to the fact that myself and a few others are not required till later on this week, but I am going to see if I can get some painting done just to let off a bit of steam.

I will also let you guy's know now but I won't be posting much either now before I deploy, but when I do I will try and include as much hobby as I can. Also I will do a post the day before or a couple of day's before I go, just to let you know that there will not be any activity on the blog for a while.

So till later today, thanks for all your support and comment's over the last year and for all your great Blog's too.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Sentinel Moves On A Stage

With all the excitement of Colonel Winterborne having his army put up on the Whats New Today GW site, if you have not seen it go and check it out. Plus my little mention I decided to do a little more on my Sentinel and make Pretoria a little prouder.

I have finished the cab by doing the lenses and oil stains and glued it onto the leg's. I am hoping tomorrow I can get the smoke stack's done and the weapon, plus as I am writing this I have just realised I did not varnish the lenses so I will do that to. But I will only do this once I have packed my kit ready for a 3 week exercise that I go on this Sunday.

So I leave you with a couple of pics of progress so far.