Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Warhammer World Apokalypse 21-22 Jan 2012.

I apologise for the lateness of this post as I did say I would do it on Monday, but I have been busy uploading pictures sending e-mails and so on. For some of you you might have seen them on the Whats New Today Flicr page on the GW page, if not get yourself over there and have a look. To that end at the moment I am not going to put any pictures up on this post as I took over 100 pictures. Once I have filtered down some what I will do another post showing some of them off.

We all arrived at Warhammer World on Friday night and with the hour we had remaining we set up. We also added up the amount of point's we had in total, which we worked out to be 209,000 points. I can't remember who had what but I do know there was a 20,000 point Necron Army, consisting of 6 Pylons and 9 Monoliths. There was a Chaos daemon army at around 15,000 points with all four Forgeworld greater Daemons, Warlord Titan, Reaver Titan, Tower of Skull, Brass Scorpion, Tower of Szintch, and a Plague Tower. There was also an Imperial Guard Army of 20,000 point's plus with loads of super heavy's, and one tank short of a full tank company. There was also a 15,000 point eldar army that had two Eldar Phantoms, two Revanant Titan's, and a bunch of flyer's and super heavy's. My own army was one of the smallest coming in a just over 3,500 points.

We started on day one at around 9am with the Imperial side going first, and I can't tell you what happened because so much was happening it was hard to keep up. Plus I was busy trying to blow thing's up myself. All I know is that it was taking about 2 hours a turn and after the forces of evil had had there turn, it worked out that about 20,000 point's worth of model's had been destroyed. By the end of the day we had played 2 1/2 turns with around 50,000 point's being destroyed.

Day two started at around the same time with the evil side finishing there turn. The day was pretty much centared around a bridge and using all the normal stuff in games as pretty much all the Super Heavy's and Titan's were destroyed on the first day. It all ended with the Imperial side winning with 135 victory point's to 98. We added up what was left and it worked out that there was only around 30,000 points being left. I was happy because I survied with around 3,000 points still on the board, having destroyed around that over two day's. So I guess I will have to do some background story now.

Anyway I will put a couple of picture's up now eve though I said I would not. But please head over to the GW site and have a look. As alway's your comments are appreciated.

The photo's above are before the deployment and yes that is a £300 Titan as a wreck, and yes they are Drop Pod's stuck to the table.

This is with everything set up on the Friday night and as you can see it is quite an impressive sight. As you can also see I was given the job of defending the city.


  1. Very cool pics, looks like it was a blast! I'm crossing the pond with a couple friends over the first weekend in March and am planning on stopping by Warhammer World on our pilgrimage to the birthplace of our hobby, definitely looking forward to seeing the place in person!

  2. Wow, cool battle! Thanks for the photos! I love the shot with the boys lining the city walls. Epic stuff.
    I managed to get over to the UK in 2010 for games day and I checked out Warhammer World then. I have never been sooo tempted to move out of Australia! @Mordian 7th- Its awesome, you will love it!

  3. Thanks guy's it really was an epic weekend and one to remember. I have already had over 27,000 view's on the picture's I uploaded for GW. The Facebook page has not done so well as we have alot of people moaning about a painting guide they no longer can get. So I posted a very strong response telling them that it was not the time or place.

    Mordian7th:- You will love it, and you must have a look at the Hall of Minatures. I sat in there on Friday for about an hour just looking at the Guard model's and listening to the music. Bugmans bar is really cool to and the food is amazing. What I will suggest is if you want to play a game there book it and they will reserve a table for you. Also if you want Forgeworld model's the store does have some stock, but if there is something that they dont have they will go and get it direct from Forgeworld, as it is only over the car park. Anyway have fun on your vist and trust me when I say you will love it.

  4. Looks like a good old bit of fun there Commissar Dave!

    I'm making my own return to Warhammer World this weekend for the Throne of Skulls, first time since they introduced the new format for the tournament, rather looking forward to it, hopefully will get in some practice games tonight up there!

  5. I am very jealous. It looks bloody brilliant! I really need to get myself up there, I think Badab war pt2 could be the one for me...
    Those apocalypse gamaes look fantastic, I can only imagine what it would be like if we got everyone's collective Praetorians together for a big fight against a few thousand orks!