Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Valkyrie is Finished

It's done and can be used in games now. All that is left to finish it off is deciding what weapons I want it to have e.g Hellstrike or Missile Pod's, and do the base. I have not enjoyed working on this for some reason hence the reason why it has dragged on a bit, but I am glad it is at an end and I can go back to working on the Servitor's again.

So I will leave you with the pic's of the finished Valkyrie and your comment's as always are appreciated. My next post will be on Sunday as I am away on course till Friday. So I won't be able to get any hobby done till at least Friday night, but till then have fun.


  1. Simply awesome! I really like how the cockpit and tail fins call back to the white spot colors on the helmets and such of the foot troops.

    I hear ya about painting the valk feeling like a bit of a slog. I experienced much the same thing. Love how it turned out though - great work!

  2. fantastic weathering effect.

    did you use a drybrush to make that effect?

  3. That model is brilliant! Love the weathering effect all over. The engines are really cool, look like they have just shut down after a heavy flight, really nice heat damaged sheen to them.

    Second the above post is it just drybrushing for the weathering?

  4. Thank's guy's for the comment's, sorry I have not answered yor question sooner as I have been away, and not have been able to get to the internet.

    But in answer to your question. It is a sort of dry brushing that I use. What I do is use the sponge that you can find in the blister packs, I then put onto a mixing plate the paint that I require and mix in water. I can't say how much as it depends at the time what type of mix you want e.g. watery almost like Ink or thick like it has just come out of the paint pot. I then dab the excess on some kitchen roll and away you go. But some of it is dry brushing like the black on the end of the exhaust's and wing's to some degree.

    It is a good technique to use and does look really good, but it does take a little getting used to at first. But with practice and a bit of time you will become used to it.

  5. Looks fantastic! Well done! Nothing like finishing something you have been working on for a while. Which lucky pith helmeted devils are going to be riding in it?

  6. Cheer's Col Winterborne. I am going to one of my Veteran squad's in this, and when they are not in use I will but my storm trooper's. I have not decided which type of storm trooper's yet I am going with, if will be the classic full on face mask's one's e.g. the Third edition. Or the karskins I am just not decided yet.