Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two Servitors Complete

So with me feeling like crap and having some sort of Flu type bug, I have managed to complete two Servitors. The two I have completed are the ones without weapons, and they were painted the same as the rest of the model.

I decided also to do some weathering on and around the boot's, but I feel I went a bit OTT but I am hoping this will calm down when I put some purity seal on. I will base them when the others are complete, but I don't think I will get the one on tracks done before I go to Warhammer World in a couple of weeks. This is due to work and it being a very busy month for me.

That's it for now I am hoping I can finish or be a close to finishing them tomorrow, but for now here are the pic's.


  1. They look good, very striking. The boots look good, I doubt they are quite as appearance conscious as the average Praetorian guardsman! Servitors always remind me of the borg from star trek...

  2. Join the Machine God. Resistance is futile.

    looking very good. I imagine the rank and file troopers feeling a bit scared of these guys while the officers are simply disgusted by the condition of their boots!

    keep up the good work!