Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sorry guy's I have failed in my mission, which was to get two Sentinel's finished ready for tomorrow. This has been because for the last couple of day's I have been really tired and feeling off, which has led to me not wanting to paint. But after a good night sleep last night and plenty of fluid I feel alot better and ready for tomorrow.

To that end the only painting I will be doing tonight is a little touching up and repair work on some model's that need it. E.g. the ones I play with the most. I have already packed most of my model's last night I have a few more to pack tonight, and enough clothes to last me a couple of day's. Then it will be another early night, more fluids, then tomorrow lunch time I am off to Warhammer World.

I am taking the camera, and I will make sure to take load's of picture's. So when I am back Monday I will try and do a battle report for you all. Till then have fun and tune in on Monday.

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