Monday, 2 January 2012

Servitors Part 3 & Some Extra Stuff

First off Happy New Year to you all, and may are many projects continue plus all the extra stuff we have got. Now my servitors have moved on a stage to the point were I have completed all the metal part's on the body and arm's. I went for two different metals as to give the model's a more interesting look and living them up a little, so I went for the old Boltgun metal look which was then highlighted using Chainmail and Mithrial Silver. The second I went for a bronze look which I did using Tin Bitz with a highlight of Dwarf Bronze. This was then given a wash with Brown Ink to darken the effect, I then did highlights using Dwarf Bronze again and Shining Gold. I am really happy how they have turned out and makes them look quite interesting and something the Machine Gods would be happy with. I also used Black Ink just to define were certain edges are e.g. the metal feet so that it just did not all blend into one. But I will let you guy's have your say on  what you think about them.

Over the Christmas period I thought I would treat myself to some new model's all of which I got from Forgeworld. The first is a Commissar Tank Commander without the respirator. Now I got him because I am going to convert him into my Commander Pask and replace the model I currently have which is the GW Pask. I am doing this because I feel the current model does not really fit with my army, and would be to difficult to convert. The new model is an easy conversion with maybe a little green stuff work but not much when I chop his head off, and replace it with a Praetorian Pith helmet head and placed in a new tank. (I still have two Vanquisher's and a Tank Hunter to build and paint yet, and he will be placed in one of these).

The next model I got is the Titan Techpriest. I have wanted this model for many years as I think it is a beautifully model and just screams paint me and paint me good. But I have not decided what I want to do with him as of yet, I don't know if I should keep hold of him until I get my Titan when I come back from Afghan later this year. Or paint him up when I get back again from Afghan and enter him into the Single Category at Golden Daemon in 2013. (That's when I will be attending next).

Now the last model I have got is again another one that I have wanted for a long time, but was afraid that my hobby skill were not up to what I wanted to do at the time. But now I feel I am ready for that challenge. This model first off will be entered in the Vehicle category in 2013 then after will be used as a scout vehicle for my Army. The model I am referring to is the Death Corps's of Kreig Centaur. The tank in itself will not need any converting just painted up really nice in my normal Praetorian Colours, (I know I know not very scout like but who cares when you see the sea of red and white coming behind it). The guards man will need some work doing to them but on the first look I think they will be just as easy as the one I did for my Command Squad. But this will be a project I will start when I get back from Afghan.

I have only taken pic's of the main part of the tank and crew as there are quite a few bit's to this model. But for now that's it, I will do another post on Tuesday with hopefully a finished Valkyrie and a bit more done on the Servitors.

Thanks for looking and as always your comment's are appreciated, which I can reply to again after fixing the problem I had with my account.

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  1. Very nice! The servitors are coming along beautifully. I always loved that FW techpriest, Looking forward to seeing it painted up!