Monday, 16 January 2012

Sentinel Update

As I said yesterday I am trying to get two Sentinel's completed by Friday ready for the weekend. So after work today I sat down and did the interior on the command sentinel. I decided early on because I want the outside all white, it would look strange having a red interior. So I turned to my Forgeworld master class book and tried something new.

Needless to say it did not quite turn out how I wanted, so a little work is required because I want to use this on my scout vehicle next year. It was quite hard because first off I did not use a black base coat, plus I do not have any Satin Varnish. What this does I am not quite sure, so if anybody can shed any light on this then that would be great.

But anyway here are the pic's of what I wanted to do and what turned out. Sorry if it not a great photo as the crew compartment is a little cramp. Also I have taken a picture of the crewman that I have converted, he will have the controls glued in place once painted. Till tomorrow enjoy.


  1. to be honest it looks pretty good from here.

  2. Hi Dave.

    the satin varnish makes a very smooth surface that allows the oil wash to flow and move. see a satin or gloss varnish increases reflectivity by basiccally making the surface super smooth. a matt varnish or matt surface is so because its minutely rough.

    so applying a wash to a matt surface means it collects in all those wee bump that make it matt. that's the grainyness you can see on your interior. I'd probarbly further suggest your wash was a wee bit heavy (too much pigment) making it more pronounced.

    this stuff takes a few goes, I wouldnt worry about it :) did you use turps/oil paint, or one of the premix mig washes?

  3. Karitas: Thank's for the info that has helped me loads. In answer to your question I used a oil colour and then used a thinner to water it down. I quess in the future I need to use less pigment and thin it down even more till it is almost gone, but I will keep plugging away at it.