Monday, 9 January 2012

Say Hello To My New Christmas Present

In the post today I received my late Christmas Present, and really it was the only thing I wanted all year. I had been thinking about it for some time and what would be the best way to carry round my ever growing army. Well KR Multicase gave me the answer, it is there metal transport case that fit's 4 of the single box's.

I went with KR as I already have one of the pack packs that fit 2 of the single box's and is fantastic. I know I said a long time ago that I would do a post about it, but I forgot and moved onto bigger and better thing's.

So what do you get for £195. Well you get to choose 4 single box's with your own filling's, in my case I went for the ones that will hold alot of tank's, troop's, and special weapons. I do have another 4 box's that hold my new Valkyrie and my Tank's that I have completed. So I can swap and change what I carry inside it, plus I will have my pack pack, and the GW case, so when it come's to the Apocalypse games I will be able to transport a huge amount if not all my Army.

The case is of a good quality build which I should think so at the price, and even has a lock which I think is quite nice. The inside is lined with like a foam type material that stops the cases moving inside, it also comes with a tray to put your troop's on. which I was not expecting as nothing was mentioned in the description, but hey I'm not complaining. There are two clasp's on the top and side to help it stay neatly closed and tight, as well as having an extendable handle and wheel's so that it can be dragged. It also has a carry handle so that it can be moved up stair's easily.

Well there you have it a description of what I got and what you get for your money, this is one company I would recommend if you are looking for a new case. I will also try and get some more done on my Servitor's tonight, sorry I did not let you guy's know yesterday but I was in a bad way and not feeling to good. But anyway here are the pic's of my new case.

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  1. Hmm interesting. I hadn't herd of these guys before. I recently put in an order at battle foam but now I’m having second thoughts.