Saturday, 14 January 2012

Four Servitors Completed & Based

Sorry I have been a little quite these last few day's, but I had to go on a last minute dot com Army exercise. Well I have spent a few hours today finishing the weapons and pack's they carry on the last two servitors, I also went a little lighter on the weathering around the boots.

I decided to switch fire from my normal way of painting the weapons which I normally do in Dark Angel's Green, to a bronze effect like some of the metal parts on the body. I quite like the effect that makes them stand out and look a little different from the rest of the Army, but not to much as to still the lime light. They also blend in well with the Techpriest and helps compliment him. But I will let you guy's decide.

I have decided not to enter them into Golden Daemon as the painting quality is not as good as I wanted, but I also after putting the models together they are not that well designed by GW. If you look at the weapon guy's you will see a massive block that goes into the side of the body, which does not look right. It just looks if GW forgot about this area and did not really know how design it better, but these model's are a good 10 years plus old now. If they re-do the design they would be a lot better an more natural looking.

As for the tank servitor, well he is going to take a little longer as there is quite a bit of detail on him. But also I want to go quite heavy in the weathering department and it does take time, well for me it does.

Col Ackland thanks for your comment and I would love to hear who you went with in the end for a new army case. I saw your comment as I was travelling down to were I did my exercise. I will put the link on my Blog as well, I can't wait believe I have not done it yet.

That's it for now guy's and I leave you with the picture's. Plus stayed tune for a very special post in a couple of week's when I get back from Warhammer World.


  1. The are very nice, I particularly like the bronze on these guys, it complements the red and silver very well.

    I would have loved to add servitors to my army but they are so damn expensive at $23(Aust) for 2. -yes that's 1.5x more expensive then in the US, grrr. Still they are nice models and seeing these painted up so well means I'm sure I will cave in eventually.

    I found the KR Multicase website fine. They look quite a bit cheaper then battlefoam. I sent my battlefoam order in November and they haven't sent it yet so I might be able to cancel it... but I think I'll let it be for now. I'll post a review when it finally comes.

  2. Cool and thank's for the comment. I know what you mean about your price's as I have seen many post's about it. What I will do for you is keep my eye open for you and if I can get some on the cheap rather than paying full wack from GW then I will. I will then get them into the post for you and this way I am sure it will cost alot less especially if I cover the cost of postage.

    Let me know what you think, I alway's like to help fellow gamer's especially those that play with the Praetorian's.

  3. Cheers for the offer mate! That is massively kind of you. Not at the moment though, I'm a bit poor after Xmas. But I'll keep it in mind. If I do get you to track some down I'd be happy to cover the postage though. ;)

  4. Sorry mate, I have already found some that are going cheap on Ebay here in the UK. I have placed a bid and at the moment I am winning with a bid of £4.19 for three. This include's two normal servitors and one with a heavy bolter, brand new and have not been painted. If I win don't worry about paying me just consider it a late Christmas present from a fellow gamer.

  5. no no- that will be fine! I'll simply tell the wife it was a necessity :D. Let me know how it goes :)

  6. Very nice! The servitors came out wonderfully, and they look great alongside the Techpriest. Keep up the great work!

  7. Mordian7th:- Thank's I am happy how they turned out and when I see them when I go past my display cabinet, they do blend in well with the rest of the army.

    Col Ackland:- I won the servitor's and I got them at a really good price only £9, so thats £3 per model. Which if memory serves me right is what we used to pay about 8 years ago. If you drop me an e-mail with your address I will send them to you as soon as I receive them. I'm just sorry I could not get you a set of four. My e-mail address should be in my complete profile if not it is: