Saturday, 17 December 2011

Still Here.

Well I am still here, and I am sorry that I have not done any updates. The Valkyrie has taken a turn for the worse as my wife accidentally knocked it and is now in many pieces, and I have just simply not had the time to do any hobby.

I have not done any hobby because at work it is silly season with many functions to attended and get drunk at. (Wife not impressed, but hey I have deserved it this year). Also I have been away on exercise again with the Army, with much more to come in January and February. Which means I don't know if I will make it up to Warhammer World for a big Apocalypse game with with a few friends again.

But I am going to get my servitors painted over Christmas up at the In laws, which we battled through six hours worth of traffic yesterday to reach. But with all the stuff in the car I could only manage a small painting case. But I will as always let you know what's happening as I have brought the camera with me this year.

So that's it for now, time to get cracking with some painting at last.

P.S Happy Christmas and New Year, lets hope it's a good one.

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