Saturday, 17 December 2011


With the Valkyrie left at home and in pieces after its accident, I have decided that it is about time that my Techpriest had some men of his own to command. So over the Christmas period his wish is coming true as his ranks swell.

All apart from one are the GW range with two having heavy weapons, and three with the heavy lift, so that when it come to needing to repair tanks I will only need to role a 3+ to repair. The one that is not GW I purchased from a company based in Poland. I have not put the link on my Blog as I felt that their service is poor with sending me the wrong model to start with, their delivery slow compared to MAXIMINI, and their resin is of a poor quality. It has taken me several hours to clean, get rid of mould lines and green stuff were there have been air bubbles, or the resin has just simply not formed. You will see I hope from the photo's later. But I feel it will be a really cool looking model once painted along with the others to a high standard as to blend in with the Techpriest. I might even enter them to the squad category next year if I am back from Afghanistan in time.

So that's it for now, and as always I will keep you updated with progress. Like always your comments are appreciated to. I am still having problems with my blog at the moment so I will apologise now if I don't respond to your comments, but if necessary I will do a separate post to answer any questions.


  1. I have brought several things from them over time and I have to say that what you got is typical. but that aside the models are looking nice. what heavy weapons are you thinking? gonna model a plasma cannon?

  2. Col.Ackland,

    Looks like you have had the same problem in the past as well.

    To answer your questions the first being, one will be armed with a Heavy Bolter for a bit of fire power that can handle most bad guy's. The second will be armed with a Heavy Melta for any vehicles that decide to get to close. The others will just have normal arm's including the one on the tracks, as I feel he would be to difficult to convert as the resin is not of a good quality.

    In answer to your second question the answer is no, not because I can't but because I have alot of Plasma weapons in my Army already, with the Veterans having four between them and the Vanquisher's as well.