Thursday, 22 December 2011

Servitor's Update Part 1

Hi folk's, well it's been 4 days since I started this project and to be honest it will look I have not got very far. But I have, the work at the moment has all be put into the highlighting of the all in one suits they wear. The photo's do not do them justice due to the poor lighting at my In Laws house.

So to start with I cleaned them all up and sprayed them Black, this was after I made a trip to a hobby shop that I go to when I am up this way. They were then given a coat of Fortress Grey, as this takes alot of the black that comes through when using just Skull White over a black undercoat which goes through to other colours. I then did a coat of white which was then followed with Red Gore. Now I used to do a coat of Red Ink but I thought I would try a different technique. So I did a light highlight first with Blood Red then Blazing Orange, I then did a wash with a very watered down Red Ink. This was then followed with another highlight of red and orange, with a wash of ink again but this time it was not watered down. I then did a final highlight just using Blazing Orange, but I found it made the suits look orange. So I decided to give it another wash but with an extremely watered down Red Ink.

So there we go I think quite alot of work has gone into this so far. I also decided to do the hood on the tank servitor as to keep it in keeping with the others. I also purchased the Techpreist off Forgeworld today as I think it is a really nice model. But any way it's time for me to leave some pic's, and like I said before sorry about the quality. I will try and take some better pictures in the daylight rather than at night.

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