Sunday, 4 December 2011

Me & Blog Wars 2

So yesterday I went all the way to Maelstrom Games in Mansfield to take part in Blog Wars 2 competition, which was very kindly run by Alex from I must say well done to Alex for organising a very entertaining, simple competition, which I feel everyone enjoyed especially me. It was also great to meet new people and meet some of those that follow my blog.

Now it was an early start for me, may be a little to early as I was there a whole two hours before I should have been. What can I say I was excited and looking forward to playing a few games. Registration started at 9am and the lucky dip for tables, I pulled out table 10 for my first game. I did not know who my first opponent was at that point as everybody had not turned up at that point. So I very calmly got my army out, went and got a few brews and waited.


At around 9.30 my first opponent turned up with a Necron army using the new list. I knew this would be a tough game for me as my Army does not fare well to Necrons on the best of day's. So we set up for our first game which was pitch battle using kill points, and the special character counting as two kill points, (mine being Yarrick).

The necrons won the dice off and made me set up first, I thought this could turn out well for me as that meant I could blast huge holes in his army. But alas that was not to be as he stole the initiative.

The game started with his scarabs moving forward at an alarming rate along with a lot of his barges, and his Necron lord's taking up position to strike at my tanks with there powerful weapons. Needless to say by turn 2 most of my armour was either destroyed or immobilised. The only vehicle that survived the whole game was one Chimera carrying the second Veteran squad. Yarrick was shot at loads as he had to spend most part of the game walking and running everywhere just to get to grips with anyone. So for three turns he was blown to pieces but when the dust had settled he would get back up again. He did get into hand to hand with a battle barge but fluffed his attacks. By the end of the game I think the Necrons had racked up a massive 11 kill points to my 1.

My 1 kill point came from killing a swarm of scarabs, which were running havoc through my army due to there new rules. Plus it was the only thing I could shoot at as is necron warriors were kept at arms length, and his barges kept well away from my veteran squad's which could have made a real mess of his army. So needless to say I lost this game to what I can say is a very hard army now. GW has done a good job on the new Necron Codex and I think it was worth the wait.

In these pictures you will see my army and his at about the half way point in turn 1.

So with game 1 ending in a loss for me, it was time for the lunch break. I must say it was a fine spread. Also this was the time for people to cast their votes for best painted army and special character. I had loads of questions asked about my army but needless to say I did not win best painted or special character. These prizes went to people who were more talented than me. Sorry guy's I did not get to take any pictures but trust me they were well deserved winners.


After lunch I played against an army I really did not want to go against, the Tyranids. Ever since the end of the third edition of 40k the Guard just cant do anything against the nids apart from getting munched.

But saying that my second game was quite close and at one point thought I could just sneak a victory, but my hopes and dreams were dashed by half way through turn 4. So I was made to set up first as this was due to my opponent having a drop pod nid army, I also had the first two turns of doing nothing apart from moving into better positions, and moving into the quarters as this was the game style. Then on turn three it all happened, drop pods dropping all over the place and nids coming in on the flanks. I lost one of my Vanquishers and two Chimeras to some very nasty shooting nids with strength 10 weapons. But I got some pay pack with Yarrick running into his quarter with the command squad to take on the big nids there. Captain Goghill in his Vanquisher and a squad of Veterans took down a Carnifex, my second Veteran squad took down a squad of strength 10 nasty's that took down my tank. My normal guys took down a four wound flying monster that mishapped, which I kindly placed in front of around 50 lasguns on first rank second rank fire. 

Turn 4 started with his special character turning up that sucks wounds from you and also adds the number of casualties to it's strength. Needless to say it took the best part of two hand half squads on it's first turn. I also lost another tank and a few more troops. Its at this point that it all went wrong really because my shooting was really poor and did nothing of any damage, I also lost alotYarrick who seemed to be killing just about everything in hand to hand. There was not much to report on after that apart from my army was torn apart, and it ended with him controlling three table quarters to my one and Yarrick dieing. But when we added up the points it was a close run thing, it worked out I gave him 1500 points and me receiving 1100 points in return. So not bad really.


Game 3 was a defend and attack scenario with me defending and my dream opponent attacking which were the Orks, with Ghazghkull Thraka. So we all know what must happen we had to have the big match up.

So we both set up with the attackers going first, the only difference being was that I was able to still the initiative. It didn't help really as my shooting was really poor, but Yarrick on seeing Ghazghkull Thraka headed off at the speed of a thousand gazelle's to get into combat with his arch enemy. Turn two saw me loose a Chimera and one being immobilised but I payed back the kindness in killing loads of troops and a few vehicles. Yarrick carried on with his charge and in the ork turn it was going to be on.

So the orks did there moving and shooting taking a few more things out of mine but the moment arrived Yarrick and Ghazghkull Thraka trading blows. As they are both initiative 1 they strike at the same time, so I went first and took a wound of the nasty brute. Ghazghkull Thraka took his punches and knocked Yarrick down, but Yarrick was having none of that and got straight back up in his turn ready to take the brute on again. The rest of mine turn saw more Guardsman and Ork's die alike, then it was back into the mighty fight. As Yarrick has to be 1 inch away he charged in and got the extra attack. Yarrick kicked punched and screamed with all his might and took another wound from the ork, but was put back on his arse again by Ghazghkull.

Ghazghkull in the ork turn did a strange thing he ran away from Yarrick to take on a Veteran Squad which were simply out matched and died horribly. Yarrick on seeing this flew into a rage and ordered Captain Goghill to finish him off, which he did by firing a Vanquisher shell and a Lascannon shot at the brute. Yarrick then got back up headed to the nearest ork battlewagon but his claw through it and blew it up, he then headed off to an objective and killed the weird boy to claim the objective.

By this time the rest of my army was simply over run by the sheer weight of numbers and lost the game not just on points but objectives. But I will say this it was very close on the old points system.

So in the end I lost all my games, which I thought would happen as there were some really strong army list's, but I took what I thought would be a fun army to play with and against to which I think it was. Well I did come away with a prize the wooden spoon certificate and a £10 voucher.

But the really big prize was meeting some really great people, having really fantastic games and just having fun. so thanks to everybody that attended and hopefully next time I can give you all a run for your money, as the Praetorians will return.


  1. Sounds like a great time! Thanks for the battle reports, it's always good to hear how praetorians are faring in the field! I'll have to take mine to one of these events soon.

  2. It was thank's.Don't get me wrong they held there end up very well, just that the army's I faced were very good for comp's. I just wanted to have fun and anything else was a bounus for me.

    But now I have a rough idea of what I am facing when I go next year I will be a bit more competitive.

  3. a shame you didnt do better, but if you had fun then that is the main thing. I voted for you in the SC comp, because honestly, you are doing yourself down when you say your are less tallented. that colonel is bloody amazing!

  4. Nice write up, thanks for the good read. yeah those Necron scarabs are a bit crazy. I tried out my Necron army in an apocalypse game and my scarabs chewed through 3 Ork Stompas. Just 3 bases (45p) took out the last one. crazy stuff. It looks like battle cannons have a new prime target!

    Your army does look awesome lined up (in the photo vs the orks). I'm sure all will agree that nicely painted praetorian (like yours) are a joy to play with and against.

  5. Your army was probably the most striking on the day mate, who could fail to love those brave, brave red coated lead men?

    Hope I get to play you next time!!