Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Servitor's Update Part 2

After my last update, feeling ill, and making a trip back down south, I have completed a little bit more on the Servitors. I touched up all the bit's were I went over in red so that they can have there coat's of Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal, and some parts being made to look bronze and highlighted as well. But before I do all that I thought it would be best to do the skin as some of the metal parts join onto or are apart of the body. Now I don't usually do this I tend to live the skin parts till last as for me this tells me that the model is complete and is ready for basing.

So how do I do it? Well first off I decided I did not want my Servitors look really pale and dead like as they have been painted and pictured like in the past. I wanted them to look well nourished and looked after as they would with the machines they look after, plus from reading different books with servitors in they seem to be well nourished and looked after. I first did a coat of white over the original black undercoat, this was then followed with a coat of Bronzed Flesh. I like this colour and to this day I don't know why GW discontinued it as it is the closet to normal skin as they ever got. I then used Snakebite leather in all the groves and depressions as this adds shading, I then do a coat of Brown Ink over the whole skin area. This I finds adds depth to the skin and adds a bit more depth to the recesses, you can see this in the last two models that need there highlights doing.

The first three have had there highlights done, and this was done using several thinned down washes of Bronzed Flesh. Being careful not to go into the shaded areas and loosing the effect that I had created. I feel that I have been quite successful in accomplishing a realistic look some what, but next time not to do the shading so much and possibly add some Bronzed Flesh into the mix.

So there you have it, that's what I have done so far. As always I would love to hear what you guy's have to say, and till next time have fun.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

As the title suggests Happy Christmas and New Year. Sorry for the delay but I have been a bit busy with my two children, building entertaining and eating loads. But I guess that is nothing new for this time of  year.

I hope you all got what you wanted hobby wise, I will do in about a week's time when I order my new case from KR Multicase. Just to let you know I have moved a little further on with my Servitor's, I have not taken any pictures as all I have done is tidy up the bit's that I went over in red. But the next part is doing the skin area's before doing the metal area's.

So that's it for now, have fun gluing and painting and see you all in the New Year.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Servitor's Update Part 1

Hi folk's, well it's been 4 days since I started this project and to be honest it will look I have not got very far. But I have, the work at the moment has all be put into the highlighting of the all in one suits they wear. The photo's do not do them justice due to the poor lighting at my In Laws house.

So to start with I cleaned them all up and sprayed them Black, this was after I made a trip to a hobby shop that I go to when I am up this way. They were then given a coat of Fortress Grey, as this takes alot of the black that comes through when using just Skull White over a black undercoat which goes through to other colours. I then did a coat of white which was then followed with Red Gore. Now I used to do a coat of Red Ink but I thought I would try a different technique. So I did a light highlight first with Blood Red then Blazing Orange, I then did a wash with a very watered down Red Ink. This was then followed with another highlight of red and orange, with a wash of ink again but this time it was not watered down. I then did a final highlight just using Blazing Orange, but I found it made the suits look orange. So I decided to give it another wash but with an extremely watered down Red Ink.

So there we go I think quite alot of work has gone into this so far. I also decided to do the hood on the tank servitor as to keep it in keeping with the others. I also purchased the Techpreist off Forgeworld today as I think it is a really nice model. But any way it's time for me to leave some pic's, and like I said before sorry about the quality. I will try and take some better pictures in the daylight rather than at night.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

What does it mean to be a Soldier?

For many of you you will be thinking what a strange title, but all will become apparent soon as it does have a little bit to do with the hobby world.

For many of you, you will know I am in the British Army due to the fact it is on my profile and I comment on it when I have either been away or have had a busy week. But for some of you it is new. Now I have been in the Army for 12 years which for some people would seem a long time, and why would you spend so long doing it? well the truth is I enjoy what I do, it's the challenge of facing something different each day, taking command and dealing with a situation. Now for you guy's here in the UK I am known as what you call a Section Commander so in other words I am a Corporal. Now for you in the US I guess I would be the equivalent of a Sergeant, but I guess you guy's will correct me on that. (By the way I am glad you are all out of Iraq now it has been a long and hard campaign for both of us, and I pray for those that have lost their lives or been injured.)

Now I guess you will all be wondering when is he going to the point. Well keep reading and I will get there. Now I came to doing this post after watching an episode of the new Battlestar Galactia, now trust me when I say I like the new series and the old originals they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but that is for another time. But it is after watching the episode named Hero.

Now for those of you that are not sure of the story line or can't remember it is the one where Bulldog returns after spending three years as a prisoner with the Cylons. It is also the episode were Admiral Adama gets a medal for 45 years of service, and were he tries to hand his notice in but gets told to do one. But it's the end scene that got me and made me do this post. The end scene goes like this Colonel Tie walks into Admiral Adama's room looking all lost and not sure why he is there, saying "I here you got a medal" Adama says "you get them for all sorts of thing's these days" and gives a list. But it's now when the title of this post really hits me. Adama says to Tie "why are you here" Tie "I don't know" and turns to leave. Adama "What happened to Helen" (which was Colonel Tie's wife) Tie responding with "I could do with a drink". That is were the episode end's.

Now I don't mean that soldiers all sit down saying I don't know and get drunk. What I am trying to say is that as soldiers we are there for one another, now sometimes a little drink helps but in some situations soilders will just come out with it. So when I say what does it mean to be a soldier, I mean that we are there for one another, not just for our country, head of state, or the mission. It's the fact of when the chip's are down and the situation is grim and when you look left or right the man next to you is always there, no matter who he is. I would say I have proved it in this post when I have praised the US for what they have done and the sacrifice they have made in Iraq. Now I have never met any of the guy's that have sadly died or their family's, people injured, or people that have just left. But because we are brother's in arms and do the same job it is right to do so, as we know what it is like to serve and what it is like to loose. This is also true for any of the other Nation's we serve along side in conflict or peace time. Please don't get upset and annoyed that I am not saying this not the same in every day life, because it is. Not just in the other Public Services but in the private sector to. It's just more apparent in the Armed Services.

It is also apparent in the hobby with it being in normal life, with us supporting each other in blog's, competition's, or friendly games. But it is apparent in the story's that are written, and no more so than in the Imperial Guard stories.

So I apologise for the weirdness of this post, and I will endeavour not to do one again like it. But I would appreciate any thoughts and comments you guy's have. 

Saturday, 17 December 2011


With the Valkyrie left at home and in pieces after its accident, I have decided that it is about time that my Techpriest had some men of his own to command. So over the Christmas period his wish is coming true as his ranks swell.

All apart from one are the GW range with two having heavy weapons, and three with the heavy lift, so that when it come to needing to repair tanks I will only need to role a 3+ to repair. The one that is not GW I purchased from a company based in Poland. I have not put the link on my Blog as I felt that their service is poor with sending me the wrong model to start with, their delivery slow compared to MAXIMINI, and their resin is of a poor quality. It has taken me several hours to clean, get rid of mould lines and green stuff were there have been air bubbles, or the resin has just simply not formed. You will see I hope from the photo's later. But I feel it will be a really cool looking model once painted along with the others to a high standard as to blend in with the Techpriest. I might even enter them to the squad category next year if I am back from Afghanistan in time.

So that's it for now, and as always I will keep you updated with progress. Like always your comments are appreciated to. I am still having problems with my blog at the moment so I will apologise now if I don't respond to your comments, but if necessary I will do a separate post to answer any questions.

Still Here.

Well I am still here, and I am sorry that I have not done any updates. The Valkyrie has taken a turn for the worse as my wife accidentally knocked it and is now in many pieces, and I have just simply not had the time to do any hobby.

I have not done any hobby because at work it is silly season with many functions to attended and get drunk at. (Wife not impressed, but hey I have deserved it this year). Also I have been away on exercise again with the Army, with much more to come in January and February. Which means I don't know if I will make it up to Warhammer World for a big Apocalypse game with with a few friends again.

But I am going to get my servitors painted over Christmas up at the In laws, which we battled through six hours worth of traffic yesterday to reach. But with all the stuff in the car I could only manage a small painting case. But I will as always let you know what's happening as I have brought the camera with me this year.

So that's it for now, time to get cracking with some painting at last.

P.S Happy Christmas and New Year, lets hope it's a good one.

Monday, 5 December 2011


I would like to say sorry to those that have placed a comment on Blog Wars2 & Me. I am not being rude but for some reason I don't seem to be able to leave comments on my own blog as well as other blog's. But I would like to say thanks for the comments they are appreciated and I will try and get the problem resolved as soon as poss.

I would like to say thanks for taking the time for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the battle reports. To be honest I am still on quite a high from Saturday. On the painting side I don't think I have let myself down, I know I am good and getting better I just feel that they were slightly better quality than mine. I also feel the Necrons will come down a peg or two once people have got used to playing against them.

Again sorry for not leaving comments at the mo I'm just not sure what the problem is at the mo.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Want One

Just been over to Victoria Lambs facebook page and saw this. Now I really do hope she is making this to sell as this would look really cool leading one of my platoon's. so I will be keeping a close eye on this. I will when I get back from Afghan be purchasing the rough rider kit's and make myself some new ones. But here is the picture I have found and go have a look at what else she has.

Me & Blog Wars 2

So yesterday I went all the way to Maelstrom Games in Mansfield to take part in Blog Wars 2 competition, which was very kindly run by Alex from I must say well done to Alex for organising a very entertaining, simple competition, which I feel everyone enjoyed especially me. It was also great to meet new people and meet some of those that follow my blog.

Now it was an early start for me, may be a little to early as I was there a whole two hours before I should have been. What can I say I was excited and looking forward to playing a few games. Registration started at 9am and the lucky dip for tables, I pulled out table 10 for my first game. I did not know who my first opponent was at that point as everybody had not turned up at that point. So I very calmly got my army out, went and got a few brews and waited.


At around 9.30 my first opponent turned up with a Necron army using the new list. I knew this would be a tough game for me as my Army does not fare well to Necrons on the best of day's. So we set up for our first game which was pitch battle using kill points, and the special character counting as two kill points, (mine being Yarrick).

The necrons won the dice off and made me set up first, I thought this could turn out well for me as that meant I could blast huge holes in his army. But alas that was not to be as he stole the initiative.

The game started with his scarabs moving forward at an alarming rate along with a lot of his barges, and his Necron lord's taking up position to strike at my tanks with there powerful weapons. Needless to say by turn 2 most of my armour was either destroyed or immobilised. The only vehicle that survived the whole game was one Chimera carrying the second Veteran squad. Yarrick was shot at loads as he had to spend most part of the game walking and running everywhere just to get to grips with anyone. So for three turns he was blown to pieces but when the dust had settled he would get back up again. He did get into hand to hand with a battle barge but fluffed his attacks. By the end of the game I think the Necrons had racked up a massive 11 kill points to my 1.

My 1 kill point came from killing a swarm of scarabs, which were running havoc through my army due to there new rules. Plus it was the only thing I could shoot at as is necron warriors were kept at arms length, and his barges kept well away from my veteran squad's which could have made a real mess of his army. So needless to say I lost this game to what I can say is a very hard army now. GW has done a good job on the new Necron Codex and I think it was worth the wait.

In these pictures you will see my army and his at about the half way point in turn 1.

So with game 1 ending in a loss for me, it was time for the lunch break. I must say it was a fine spread. Also this was the time for people to cast their votes for best painted army and special character. I had loads of questions asked about my army but needless to say I did not win best painted or special character. These prizes went to people who were more talented than me. Sorry guy's I did not get to take any pictures but trust me they were well deserved winners.


After lunch I played against an army I really did not want to go against, the Tyranids. Ever since the end of the third edition of 40k the Guard just cant do anything against the nids apart from getting munched.

But saying that my second game was quite close and at one point thought I could just sneak a victory, but my hopes and dreams were dashed by half way through turn 4. So I was made to set up first as this was due to my opponent having a drop pod nid army, I also had the first two turns of doing nothing apart from moving into better positions, and moving into the quarters as this was the game style. Then on turn three it all happened, drop pods dropping all over the place and nids coming in on the flanks. I lost one of my Vanquishers and two Chimeras to some very nasty shooting nids with strength 10 weapons. But I got some pay pack with Yarrick running into his quarter with the command squad to take on the big nids there. Captain Goghill in his Vanquisher and a squad of Veterans took down a Carnifex, my second Veteran squad took down a squad of strength 10 nasty's that took down my tank. My normal guys took down a four wound flying monster that mishapped, which I kindly placed in front of around 50 lasguns on first rank second rank fire. 

Turn 4 started with his special character turning up that sucks wounds from you and also adds the number of casualties to it's strength. Needless to say it took the best part of two hand half squads on it's first turn. I also lost another tank and a few more troops. Its at this point that it all went wrong really because my shooting was really poor and did nothing of any damage, I also lost alotYarrick who seemed to be killing just about everything in hand to hand. There was not much to report on after that apart from my army was torn apart, and it ended with him controlling three table quarters to my one and Yarrick dieing. But when we added up the points it was a close run thing, it worked out I gave him 1500 points and me receiving 1100 points in return. So not bad really.


Game 3 was a defend and attack scenario with me defending and my dream opponent attacking which were the Orks, with Ghazghkull Thraka. So we all know what must happen we had to have the big match up.

So we both set up with the attackers going first, the only difference being was that I was able to still the initiative. It didn't help really as my shooting was really poor, but Yarrick on seeing Ghazghkull Thraka headed off at the speed of a thousand gazelle's to get into combat with his arch enemy. Turn two saw me loose a Chimera and one being immobilised but I payed back the kindness in killing loads of troops and a few vehicles. Yarrick carried on with his charge and in the ork turn it was going to be on.

So the orks did there moving and shooting taking a few more things out of mine but the moment arrived Yarrick and Ghazghkull Thraka trading blows. As they are both initiative 1 they strike at the same time, so I went first and took a wound of the nasty brute. Ghazghkull Thraka took his punches and knocked Yarrick down, but Yarrick was having none of that and got straight back up in his turn ready to take the brute on again. The rest of mine turn saw more Guardsman and Ork's die alike, then it was back into the mighty fight. As Yarrick has to be 1 inch away he charged in and got the extra attack. Yarrick kicked punched and screamed with all his might and took another wound from the ork, but was put back on his arse again by Ghazghkull.

Ghazghkull in the ork turn did a strange thing he ran away from Yarrick to take on a Veteran Squad which were simply out matched and died horribly. Yarrick on seeing this flew into a rage and ordered Captain Goghill to finish him off, which he did by firing a Vanquisher shell and a Lascannon shot at the brute. Yarrick then got back up headed to the nearest ork battlewagon but his claw through it and blew it up, he then headed off to an objective and killed the weird boy to claim the objective.

By this time the rest of my army was simply over run by the sheer weight of numbers and lost the game not just on points but objectives. But I will say this it was very close on the old points system.

So in the end I lost all my games, which I thought would happen as there were some really strong army list's, but I took what I thought would be a fun army to play with and against to which I think it was. Well I did come away with a prize the wooden spoon certificate and a £10 voucher.

But the really big prize was meeting some really great people, having really fantastic games and just having fun. so thanks to everybody that attended and hopefully next time I can give you all a run for your money, as the Praetorians will return.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Quick Note

So I have made it back alive from shooting metal targets down at the range all week, hence the reason I have been a little quite this week. I have also got my stuff ready for Blog Wars 2, which is tomorrow and will be a really early start for me, as I have to drive up north in the morning. But I am really looking forward to it. I don't think I will do that well as there is some really good army's that are attending, but I'm going to have some fun games and meet new people.

I have done a little bit more on the Valkyrie, but I am not going to put any pictures up just yet as it doesn't really look that much different from last time. But rest assured I have made progress and it is getting closer to being finished.

So that's it, just a quick note really. Depending on how tired I am on Sunday I will try and get some pictures up of the games and armies, as well as some battle report's to let you guy's know how I did. So till then have fun, because I know I will.