Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Switch Fire Update

I know I know it's very rare if I publish something during the week, but with Blog Wars 2 coming up I am having to work very hard to get my Army up to scratch. So as you know from my last post I have changed out some of my models, in this instance the standard bearers that I had in my normal squads. Also there has been three new editions which are one times Grenade Launcher for the Platoon Command squad, and two buglers for my standard squads. They have been included as I did not have any in the squads and having vox caster's for your orders is a must.

So they are very nearly finished all that is left is the weapons and get them based. Painting them is really easy really as I don't spend a great time highlighting as they are normal troops and having them in large squads speaks volume really.

I give them a undercoat using Chaos Black, once dry I then go over the tunic and stripe down the trouser leg in white. A coat of Red Gore is then used and inked, once dried I then use Blood Red to highlight. The shoulder's and white ropes are painted using Fortress Grey to give the shading, and then a couple coats of thinned down white. I also did this for the helmets and dagger scabbards. Last off the trousers are given a highlight with watered down Fortress Grey, and the boots will be finished off using Black Ink. The weapons will be painted with Dark Angels Green and inked, once done that will be it for these guy's and they will take there place in my Army.

After they are done I will move onto my Vanquisher's with the weathering. I am doing this as they now look out of place with my two Chimera's, the third Chimera will not be touched as there is quite a bit of extra stuff on it and it would be quite difficult to add the weathering effect. So it will look a little out of sort's, but I could always add some fluff as in to why it's in such good shape.

The last thing that will be done is the Veteran squad, and all that needs to happen with these guys is to paint the extra pouches I have put on them. Which should only take an hour or so. Then if there is time I will touch up any bases that require it.

So there you have it, and I have got to get all this done in less than a week as I am off to the ranges for a week. But I will keep you all up to date with my progress.

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